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  • 7 Baby Cleansing Bars Our Moms Trust the Most

    Dry skin and irritation is said to be caused by substances in soap and shampoo. Choose well.
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
7 Baby Cleansing Bars Our Moms Trust the Most
  • A baby's skin is extremely fragile. When he is born, you will notice that his skin is covered with a whitish, wax-like layer that will eventually peel away within one to three weeks. While it's there, it acts as an added protection for your baby's delicate skin. 

    As your baby grows, there will be episodes of skin dryness and peeling that may develop into atopic dermatitis, and while the exact cause is unknown, substances in detergents, soap, and shampoo are said to be the culprit. 

    Knowing this, any parent will be extra careful in choosing products that would come in direct contact with baby, like skin lotions, baby wash, and baby soap.

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    And because moms know best, we checked with members of the SmartParenting.com.ph Parent Chat to find out what brands of baby bars they trust.

    Oilatum Soap Bar is a gentle emollient soap that has a light fragrance and is suitable for everyday cleansing of babies' dry skin.
    PHOTO BY oilatum.com.ph

    Pigeon Baby Transparent Soap has a gentle formula that contains glycerin, jojoba, chamomile and olive oil. It is suitable even for newborn skin.
    PHOTO BY pigeon.com.ph
    Dermatologist- and pediatrician-tested and hypoallergenic, Baby Dove Baby Bar is formulated with 1/4 moisturizing cream so it won't dry out your baby's skin.
    PHOTO BY dove.com/baby
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    Johnson's Baby Milk Soap is formulated with natural milk proteins and vitamin E for healthy and smooth skin for your baby. 
    PHOTO BY jnj.com.ph
    Cetaphil Baby Soothing Bar is dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and paraben- and colorant-free that leaves your baby's skin soft and smooth.
    PHOTO BY cetaphil.com.ph
    Sanosan Baby Care Soap contains Lacto Protein, which nourishes skin, and olive oil that protects newborn skin.
    PHOTO BY sanosan.ph
    Paraben- and phthalate-free, Biolane Extra Rich Soap has 100% vegetable cleansing base that is mild even for newborn babies.
    PHOTO BY milkandhoney.ph
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