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  • Boost your baby's development! (0-1 month)

    Here’s a guide on how to interact with your baby based on his developmental milestones.
    Published Aug 14, 2009
  • The First Month (0-1 month)
    The first month of your baby’s life is filled with challenges and excitement for both you and baby. Baby is getting used to life outside the womb, you are adjusting to your new schedule and duties, and together, both of you are learning about each other. The very first exchanges between you and your newborn will be the foundation of your relationship with each other—and will be your baby’s first steps to establishing trust in you. It is important, then, to be observant so that you do not miss what your baby is trying to tell you. Your baby will be communicating through different kinds of cries and other sounds and it is up to you to decipher these for her and respond promptly and appropriately.

    Here is what you can typically expect during the first month:


    How to interact with your newborn:
    • Do not hesitate to hold your baby often. You can never hold her too much and there is no such thing as “spoiling” a newborn. This creates the bond between the two of you and builds trust and security. Just make sure you provide lots of support especially to the head and neck.
    • Touch is also a very special thing for newborns. Since vision is not yet fully developed, their tactile sense is more acute. Gentle massages will be much welcomed by your baby.
    • Make sure you play with her when she is awake and alert. It is best to do this face-to-face so that she sees you clearly.
    • Sing lots of songs and talk to her constantly even if you are simply narrating how you are changing her diaper or that you are now walking to the living room to have a change of scenery. This is how you will encourage and develop language.

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