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  • Boost your baby's development! (8-9 months)

    Here’s a guide on how to interact with your baby based on his developmental milestones.
    Published Aug 14, 2009
  • The Ninth Month
    Baby will begin to give you a preview of her burgeoning personality this month. She will be eager to learn new things and will be unwavering in her quest to master previous skills learned. Her motto: so much to do, so little time. Baby may show her obstinate side when you keep her from doing or playing with something she likes, but is not supposed to. She may also want to do a lot of things on her own (or at least, she thinks she can) like pick up her own food. Patience is a virtue that you will indeed need from hereon end.

    Here is what you can typically expect during the ninth month:



    How to interact with your nine-month old:
    • You may start setting limits at this time, but do not expect much. Even if baby does not understand you yet, explain why she may not put your slipper in her mouth rather than simply saying, “no”. Better yet, make sure you baby-proof your house; cover all electrical outlets, hide strings and ropes, and take away all things that you do not want baby to get a hold of or get into.

    • Baby will be more interactive now and will show glee when she sees familiar pictures or objects. Always name these for her so she forms associations and learning is faster. She loves hearing words repeated over and over.

    • Provide toys that baby can put together or pull apart, stack, nestle, pull, push, bang, and shake.



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