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  • Boost your baby's development! (9-10 months)

    Here’s a guide on how to interact with your baby based on his developmental milestones.
    by Anna Santos-Villar . Published Aug 14, 2009
  • The Tenth Month
    If baby learning to hold her head up, sit, and crawl were exciting, wait until this month! Baby will start to pull herself up on her own. First, using the rails of her crib or her playpen then, when you put her on the floor, using a table or a sofa. She may show you some bouncing movements initially, but when she’s confident enough in her standing skills, she may start taking sideway steps while holding on to the rail or furniture. Again, keep a watchful eye on baby as she learns and masters this new skill. What to expect in the days ahead? A lot of potential bumps and bruises as baby becomes more mobile on her feet.
    Here is what you can typically expect during the tenth month:
    How to interact with your 10-month old:
    • When baby tries to babble the name of an object, repeat it by using the correct word rather than by using baby talk. This way, she will learn the correct way of saying things.

    • If baby insists on feeding herself, keep your frustration at bay. Here are some things you can do: place a plastic mat under baby’s chair to catch falling food, have her wear a bib that has a pocket that can catch food that dribbles down her mouth, dress her in house wear that can get stains, have a separate bowl of food and a spoon that baby can use to feed herself so that she still gets the amount of food that she will need. This will be good practice for dexterity, eye-hand coordination, and self-help skills.

    • Toys that serve more than one purpose will encourage baby’s thinking and problem-solving skills. For example, colored stacking cups that have graduated sizes that can be stacked, nestled into each other, counted, made into balls, arranged by size, and used for water play.

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