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  • Choose The Best Diaper For Your Baby’s Skin: We’ll Show You How

    We’ll tell you what matters most in choosing the right diaper for your baby.
  • Are you a first time mom, clueless on which disposable diaper to pick? Or are you an experienced mom who has tried and tested many diapers but haven’t found "the one’"? Don’t worry, choosing the best diaper suited for your baby’s sensitive skin is a dilemma that a lot of mothers, whether new or experienced, have. 

    There are a lot of considerations when it comes to picking a diaper, but what is often overlooked is if the diaper can protect your baby’s sensitive skin. His bottom, especially, is very delicate because it comes into contact with irritants like pee and poop everyday. Using a good quality diaper then is important since your baby will be using them 24/7 during the first few years of his life. With so many diaper brands in the market today, how can you choose the best one for your baby?


    Here are some of the key things to check when choosing the right diaper for your little one: 

    1. Can it absorb pee quickly and keep baby dry?

    A wet baby is a cranky baby! One of the most common reasons why babies cry and wake up at night is because they feel wet and uncomfortable. A good diaper must be able to absorb pee quickly, accommodate multiple wettings, and remain dry for up to 12 hours to allow baby uninterrupted sleep.


    2. Does it fit your baby comfortably?

    Your baby is at a stage where he will be exploring movement and stretching his legs a lot. The diaper must be able to stretch to adapt to these movements while keeping baby comfortable. It must be snug but not too tight so that it wouldn't cause friction which can mark and irritate the skin.


    3. Is the material soft to the touch?

    Remember, baby's skin is much more delicate and sensitive than adult skin! Any rubbing against an abrasive and rough material will surely cause irritation. Your baby’s diaper should be made only with the softest materials. Do a touch test on the diaper  -- if it feels rough to your touch, then it most definitely is not suitable for your baby’s skin. The diaper must have a soft yet breathable cover to allow baby's skin to breathe to avoid excessive perspiration that’ll eventually lead to rashes. 


    We'll simplify the selection process for you: Smart Parenting Best For Baby Awards 2014 has chosen Pampers Active Baby as the "BEST disposable diaper" because of its 5-star skin protection that provides superior dryness and skin protection for baby! 

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    To know more about Pampers Active Baby's 5 Star skin protection, visit their official website:http://www.pampers.ph/pampers-active-baby-diapers 

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