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  • Diaper Dryness is Important for Baby Development

    What you need to know about preventing diaper rash and important things to remember to ensure diaper dryness.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • When it comes to diapers, dryness and preventing rashes is one of the top priorities for moms.

    This is the reason why Pampers, the diaper brand committed to baby development, and their partner, the Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines (MCNAP), has teamed up to give a talk to parents on how they can keep their baby’s skin healthy and prevent diaper rash.

    Diaper rash, MCNAP explained, is a result of skin irritation due to moisture in the nappy area, caused by pH changes that occur when stools and urine combine.  Keeping baby’s bottom dry and clean, they advised, are the best ways to prevent diaper rash. Make sure to change your baby’s diaper after they become wet or soiled or look for an extra-absorbent diaper that helps pull urine away from your baby’s skin and stool.  Here are some important things to remember:



    1. If the diaper is wet, you can rediaper immediately without cleansing or gently wipe your baby clean with a wipe or warm washcloth before diapering.

    2. If it is soiled, wipe his bottom clean with a gentle alcohol-free baby wipe or warm washcloth and gently pat him dry. Always wipe from front to back to prevent the introduction of bacteria into the urinary tract.  Then spread a thin layer of zinc oxide cream or petroleum jelly over your baby's bottom as extra protection against wetness, or try a diaper that includes skin friendly ingredients to have the same effect. Avoid using baby powder —it doesn't help prevent or treat diaper rash and may be harmful if your baby inhales it.


    Click here to read more things to remember to ensure diaper dryness and prevent diaper rash.

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