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  • Divine Lee Shares Baz's Meal Plan After His First Taste of Solids!

    Baz was so eager to eat his first solid meal: brown rice puree!
    by Rachel Perez .
Divine Lee Shares Baz's Meal Plan After His First Taste of Solids!
PHOTO BY @blake_go and @divinemlee on Instagram
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  • Divine Lee Go's son Baz Go already had his first taste of solid food a day before his fifth month.

    "Had my first solids today! Supposedly tomorrow but this is [a] practice round," read the caption on the little one's Instagram.

    "Today was his first solid meal, and he finished everything," dad Blake Go shared on his Instagram.

    Divine also posted photos and videos on her Instagram Stories. The 36-year-old mom told SmartParenting.com.ph via Instagram Direct Messages that she had the go-signal of Baz's pediatrician Dr. Ed Serafica, M.D., to start introducing him to solids.


    Divine prepared brown rice puree (as recommended by Baz's doctor) for his first meal. "Mom and dad took turns feeding me! We mixed milk with it and at room temperature!" the caption on Baz's Instagram account read. They started with just one spoonful and will gradually increase it in the following weeks.

    baz go solids

    Baz seems confused at first. 
    PHOTO BY screenshots from @divinemlee/Instagram Stories
    baz go solids
    Then, Baz got the hang of eating solids...like really fast.
    PHOTO BY screenshots from @divinemlee/Instagram Stories
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    So how did Baz like it? "He super enjoyed it! At first, he was unsure," Divine shared with us. "Next thing you know he was grabbing everything and licking off the plate. Bitin ata," she quipped.

    baz go solids
    It's safe to say that Baz loved his first taste of solids!
    PHOTO BY screenshots @divinemlee/Instagram
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    Babies are typically introduced to solids when they reach six months. That's the time when you supplement breast milk with complementary foods, according to guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). (Click here for a complete guide to feeding your baby solids.)

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), however, recognizes that some babies can start eating solids as early as four months, depending on their readiness for it. Here are the signs a baby is ready to eat solids, according to the AAP:

    1. Must be able to hold his head up. Your baby should be able to hold his head upright when sitting. He should already have good head control when you start giving him solids.
    2. Opens his mouth when food comes his way. You may notice that your child also watches you eat, reaches for your food or looks eager to be fed.
    3. Must be able to swallow. Babies usually to push food out his mouth during your first try of feeding him. This is called the tongue reflex. You'd have to wait for him to outgrow and be able to swallow before starting solids.
    4. Is big enough to start solids. Generally, infants are ready to start solids when they've doubled in birth weight or weigh around 13 pounds or more.

    It was the same advice Divine received from Baz pediatrician. "Baz actually started [displaying his readiness to eat] at four, but we opted to wait early until five months," she explained.

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    The self-confessed obsessive-compulsive (OC) mom said she already did her research on solids when Baz was still in her tummy.

    "Following the four-day rule to make sure of his food sensitivities, I'm delaying his sweets and fruits for later months," she says as a precaution against picky eating, and just in case Baz inherits his dad's sweet tooth.

    According to Divine, Baz's solid diet will still brown rice puree for a whole week before she starts introducing veggies to his palate. His first taste of vegetable will be carrots, and it will be just one meal a day for the little boy. Next week, he'll have two meals in a day and then three meals daily after another week.

    Divine is enjoying planning Baz's meals. Aside from her doctor's guide, she's also using the app, Anabel Karmel, to make her son's menu. "It's quite fun for me, so I'm mapping out a month's menu so we can prepare the right ingredients," she said.

    Rememeber, every baby is different. Always consult your child's pediatrician on when to introduce solids to your baby.

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