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How to Care for Yourself on Your First Month as a Mom
  • The new baby is home! Whether you've done this before or you're a first-time mom, you know you've got a few tough months ahead—but we assure you it's nothing you can't handle. Caring for your newborn will become as easy and natural as breathing in no time. The important thing is that you stay healthy enough to care for your newborn.

    Remember that your body just went through a lot of changes, so your well-being takes top priority, too! Here are a few tips:


    Get enough sleep.

    Sleep is a basic need for everyone, so imagine how much more important it is for a mom like you who just went through pregnancy and childbirth. If you think it's nearly impossible to get any sleep when caring for a newborn, remember that you just have to catch a few winks when you can: while the baby naps or when it’s your husband's turn to do the feeding. Get more shut-eye tips here.


    Eat well.

    Think of it this way: You're still eating for two, whether you're breastfeeding or not. (You're caring for another human being, that's why.) Stock your refrigerator with vegetables and fruits. When hunger pangs hit you, you need as many healthy options as you can other than sweet cookies or salty chips. During meals, observe the correct portion sizes so you can enjoy the benefits of go, grow, and glow foods.


    Engage in light physical activity.

    Don't feel pressured to lose the baby weight at once. Your body needs enough time to recover from childbirth, so if your tummy hasn't miraculously shrunk yet, then you'll need to live with the bulges for a little while. Still, it's no reason for you to sit in the couch the whole day. Start with morning walks (so your little one can catch some sunlight, too), then progress to 30-minute runs (sans the baby) as the weeks go by. Let these celeb moms give you some fitspiration.


    Stay hydrated.

    Don't wait until you're really thirsty before reaching for a glass of water. You may feel thirsty often when you're breastfeeding, so it's best to always have a bottle of Absolute Distilled Drinking Water nearby. Stay away from drinks with too much sugar or caffeine so as not to affect the quality of your breast milk. 

    Your first month with baby at home is a critical time for the both of you. While there is much room for learning, there is no room for mistakes. Make sure you make the right choices so you can take better care of yourself, rebuild your strength, and enable you to care for your baby in the best way possible.

    Absolute Distilled Drinking Water celebrated pure love last September with a bigger Absolute Mommy Welfare Month.

    It is a campaign that focuses on the wellness of mothers by addressing the issues of infant development, after-birth physical recovery, and postpartum condition. In 2016, Absolute began supporting the Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) program of Fabella Hospital. Watch the video below to learn more about Kangaroo Care and how you can better take care of yourself!



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