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  • baby diaperIt is an inevitable part of rearing a baby – you wake up one day and open your little one’s diaper to wash her and put on a clean diaper, then find an angry patch of red rashes on her cute little bottom. Oh no! Baby has a diaper rash! What should you do?

    When I was a new mom to our now 4-year-old son, I thought that one of the worst things that could happen is for a baby to get rashes from diapers, thinking that it is a reflection of being a "bad mother". Thank God though for the internet and parenting books, and my own mom’s words of wisdom – I realized that a diaper rash is very common among babies.

    Considering all my lessons learned from our first baby, I thought that with our second-born, a girl this time, diaper rashes would be a thing of the past. Imagine how dismayed I was when one month old Therese developed an extremely bad rash in her diaper area, which was eventually diagnosed as a plain rash-turned-fungal infection due to prolonged antibiotic use (she had to take medications because she was diagnosed with sepsis and UTI right after birth). Fortunately with lots of internet research and the right medical advice, we were able to effectively clear up Therese’s yeast infection diaper rash.

    Here I’d like to share some tips on how to deal with your baby’s diaper rash, based on my own experience as a mom, and the resulting research I did.

    These steps can be described using the acronym “DIAPER”, which stands for:

    Dry at all times.
    In the book “365 Baby Care Tips” by Penny Warner and Dr. Paula Kelly, it is highly recommended that parents check Baby’s diaper often and change it as often as possible. Diaper rash often develops because of the skin's long exposure to urine, and occasionally, feces.  Keeping Baby dry will prevent rashes from developing in the first place.

    Whether you’re using cloth diapers or disposables, you need to change them as often as possible (after one wetting with cloth, maybe 2 with disposables). Don’t forget to clean the diaper area with clean water and mild hypoallergenic baby cleanser, and gently pat (not rub) the area dry, before putting on the new diaper. Most paediatricians recommend avoiding the use of baby wipes whenever Baby has a rash; instead you can use cotton balls, or even more economical, a plain washcloth soaked in clean water.



    Click here to see other treatment tips for diaper rash.

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