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  • Is Your Baby’s Diaper Making Him Cranky?

    Your baby needs to use a diaper daily. What should you consider? We’ll tell you what to look for in a diaper -- read on.
  • So you gave birth. Hard part over? Think again. It’s actually the beginning of restless nights since both you and your baby are adjusting to your new setup. Sometimes, you can’t help but simply give up because you really don’t know what it is your baby wants. Is he hungry? But I just fed him! Does he need to burp? But he just made a burpie!

    You could wonder endlessly why your baby is cranky. You could even go as far as thinking perhaps it’s because he is feeling cold or has a slight fever. But one of the reasons may actually be as simple as using the wrong diaper on your baby!

    First and foremost, you should know that a baby’s skin is very delicate. As such, exposure to wetness or irritants such as bacteria from pee or poo could cause even the slightest irritation on his skin. A baby’s cry can be a signal of a wet diaper. But why is it wet when you just changed it? You could be using a faulty, disposable diaper and you wouldn’t even know it until your baby screams and skirmishes with all his might. Before you know it, he is in agonizing pain due to discomfort from a diaper rash. No mother would want that!


    Having a baby can entail around a dozen diaper changes a day. You may be thinking that disposable diapers are just pee and poo catchers, merely discarded on a day to day basis. Hence, it is easy to be lured by a lower priced diaper to rack up some savings. But paying a little bit more for a better quality diaper can actually reap more satisfying results! Do yourself and your baby a favor by being smart about your diaper choices.

    How exactly do you know you’ve picked out the wrong kind of diaper? Here are some signs to look out for:


    1. A diaper that leaks and has to be changed after one wetting
    Take note of how fast you have to change your diaper. If it immediately leaks or stays wet even after one wetting, then you know it's of poor quality. A good disposable diaper should be able to absorb multiple wettings and still keep baby dry be it daytime or nighttime, so that his sleep is uninterrupted. 


    2. A diaper too snug or too loose
    A good-fitting diaper should be stretchy enough to adjust to your baby’s movements and snug enough to avoid leakages. See how it looks on your baby! A good diaper should fit well to keep your baby comfortable and serve its purpose whether at rest or at play.


    3. A diaper that has an abrasive cover
    Remember, your baby’s bottom is just as sensitive as the skin on the rest of his body. A diaper made of material that feels rough to the touch could seriously irritate your baby’s skin. Choose one with a soft fabric, preferably cotton-soft, so as not to chafe his sensitive skin. 

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    Is your baby’s diaper exhibiting any of these signs? Then it’s time for a diaper change (pun intended!)

    Keep your baby stress- and fuss-free by using a diaper that can protect his sensitive skin and keep him comfortable, from day to night – such as Pampers Active Baby.

    Pampers Active Baby was awarded as the "BEST disposable diaper" by Smart Parenting Best For Baby Awards 2014. This is because it consists of cotton-like material and gentle ingredients such as a protective lotion to help protect your baby from skin irritation and the dreaded diaper rash. It is also able to absorb multiple wettings faster than other disposable diapers and keeps baby's bottom dry even after he pees. Plus, it has stretchy sides that adjust to your baby’s movements, to help make sure he stays comfortable whether he's active or sleeping. Diapers can significantly change the way your baby behaves, and this is why spending a bit more for a top-performing diaper can help you take care of your baby's needs in the best way.

    Say goodbye to your cranky baby and welcome the happy baby that he really is. Now that he is all smiles, more relaxed days and restful nights are in store for both you and your baby!

    To know more about Pampers Active Baby's 5 Star skin protection, visit their official website:http://www.pampers.ph/pampers-active-baby-diapers 

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