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  • Keep Diaper Rash at Bay with the Right Skin Protection

    Diaper rashes will develop unless you know how to prevent it from happening to your child. Read on.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Changing your baby’s diaper and finding a sore bum right there is never a happy sight. If your baby’s bottom looks red and irritated, most likely a diaper rash has developed.

    Diaper rashes may range from a few prickly red spots in one area to tender bumps that spread from the bum to the thighs, one of the main culprits of which is a faulty disposable diaper.

    What causes diaper rash?

    Here are some of the common causes of diaper rash and ways to help prevent them:


    1. Chafing

    Babies have ultra-sensitive skin which can develop marks and sores when it comes in contact with harsh materials. The same goes for the skin on their bums! Your baby’s rashes may be caused by the diaper rubbing against his skin.

    Prevent It: It is important to note that not all diapers are made from the same quality of materials. Check the diaper: Is it rough to the touch? Does it feel like it can chafe the skin? If so, then most likely it is not suitable for your baby. It is best to use a top quality diaper made of breathable, soft fabric which can protect baby’s sensitive skin and one that has an adjustable fit to keep baby comfortable.



    2. Wetness

    Prolonged exposure of your baby’s bottom to wetness can cause irritation, redness, and eventually soreness.

    Prevent It: It’s important that baby’s diaper is able to absorb and lock in wetness to keep him dry, even all through the night. In addition, you can help soothe the pain caused by diaper rash with petroleum jelly as it serves as a moisturizing blanket to reduce irritation.


    3. Infection

    Bacteria and yeast are nurtured in warm and moist environments – just like your baby’s diaper area! If your baby’s diaper is unable to absorb pee and poo quickly, your baby’s bum can develop an infection and cause painful rashes, especially in the cracks and folds of his skin.

    Prevent It: Using a diaper that has lotion on its top sheet keeps baby’s bottom moisturized, protects it against skin irritations and can help prevent skin infections.


    While diaper rashes are common among infants, the best way to help avoid them is by using a good quality disposable diaper - such as Pampers Active Baby.  It was awarded as the Best Disposable Diaper in Smart Parenting’s Best for Baby Awards 2014 and has bested other disposable diapers in:


    Dryness – able to absorb wetness up to 12 hours, ensuring that baby stays dry even through the night.

    Absorption – absorbs pee quickly, thus protecting baby’s skin from irritation and possible infections caused by exposure to wetness.

    Softness – a soft, cotton-like cover helps prevent skin irritations caused by friction, contributing to baby’s overall comfort and wellness.

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    Comfortable Fit – provides a comfortable fit and has soft stretch waist and sides that adjust to baby’s every move.

    Skin Protection - has hypoallergenic lotion on its top sheet which helps keep baby’s skin soft and smooth.

    Note: In case an infection does occur, it’s best to still consult your derma-pedia as she will know best on how to treat and prevent a diaper rash from worsening. 


    To know more about Pampers Active Baby's 5 Star skin protection, visit their official website: http://www.pampers.ph/pampers-active-baby-diapers 

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