• Keeping Up With Baby: 4 Tips to Keep Your Little One Safe
    Is your baby getting more active? Make sure he stays safe.
  • You know your baby is growing way too fast when one moment you're nursing him to sleep and the next, he's trying to break the world record in climbing everything and anything he can find. Once your little one starts to crawl, climb, jump, walk, dance, and run around, you've reached a whole new parenting level. 

    With your little one growing up fast, you want to make sure he'll always be safe and sound, and also to make every moment count. While it's bittersweet to see your baby become more and more active and independent each day (next thing you know he's off to college), there's good news, too: His being active is a sign that he's on the right track. Ensure Baby's safety when he's making his moves with these tips:

    1.  Make sure your home is a hurt-free zone.

    Here are some basic babyproofing hacks: Cover sharp edges with foam, fabric, or bubble wrap. Keep cabinets and drawers accessible to Baby locked. Install gates at the top and bottom of every stairway. Cover electrical outlets. Keep cords and breakables out of your little one's reach. Secure items found on shelves to prevent them from accidentally falling and (gasp!) hitting Baby. 

    2.  Put on non-slip socks.

    Your baby may already be dancing up a storm, but she's not yet steady on his tiny feet. At home, make sure she's wearing non-slip socks before she begins her indoor exploration. Always dress up Baby sensibly.

    3.  Always keep an eye on your little one.

    Whether he's at home or out and about, make sure there's always a trusted adult watching over your angel. Never leave him alone in the car, and with a tot or a pet.

    4.  Wear more suotable diapers.

    Let's face it: With a baby as active as yours, changing diapers becomes a bit of a wrestling contest. Tape-type diapers may not be as convenient when your little one is active, especially when there's no diaper-changing station around. To make diaper-changing safer and less difficult, try pants-type diapers, which can be changed swiftly even while your baby is standing up. It's the "InstaSuot" way of changing diapers.


    MamyPoko InstaSuot pants diapers are a great option for quick and hassle-free nappy changes. MamyPoko InstaSuot pants diapers also have a soft elastic waist, which guarantees utmost comfort for Baby, and absorbs up to five cups of liquid. MamyPoko is also the most trusted brand and the number one choice of moms in Japan.

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