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20+ Photos of Moms Meeting Their Babies for the First Time

These photographs show the unique joy behind the magical moment
PHOTO BYCourtesy of Jil Tolentino and Joana Caoleng

All moms will agree when we say that the moment you see your child for the first time is an experience like no other that you will treasure forever. It signifies both the end of the long wait as your child developed in your womb, as well as the beginning of a brand new journey for the whole family.

Inspiring photos of moms meeting their babies for the first time

On our Facebook page, we asked moms to send us photos of themselves meeting their little ones for the first time, and to share the unique stories behind each birth. Not only did we receive many adorable photographs, we were also able to learn about the beautiful journeys each mom and child went through.

Many of the moms experienced difficult pregnancies, but they still agree that after seeing their little ones for the very first time, the pain was more than worth it.

Jil shared that she went through a grueling 17 hours of labor and ended up having to deliver via C-section.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Jil Tolentino
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For Jem, remembering the moment she first saw her little girl and held her hand still brings tears to her eyes. Her baby was born preterm, at only 26 weeks old.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Jem-Ameera Uchi
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Laurice’s little bundle of joy, who is now 15 months old, had to be born via emergency C-section.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Laurice Marie Soliman Stockton

Donitha thought she was only going to the hospital for a check-up, but little did she know that the time for her to give birth had already come!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Donitha Grace Navarro Isip
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Arriane had to have her fallopian tube removed, and because of that, her OB had told her that it would be difficult for her to have a baby girl. Judging by the smile on her face, the long, hard journey was all worth it!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Arriane Ruaya Cudiamat
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It was 28 days after giving birth when Joana was finally able to hold her little one, who had been born at 27 weeks and weighing 900 grams.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Joana Caoleng

Mom Margaret Tan called her son a miracle baby. “I managed to conceive by natural [means] when my gynecologist told me that I couldn’t conceive by natural [means] as my fallopian tubes were blocked,” she shares.

Despite that, she was able to give birth to a beautiful baby boy, without having to undergo any surgery!

Margaret’s little boy is indeed a ‘wonderful miracle’!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Margaret Tan

Mom Nikay Evolove's baby was born in extraordinary circumstances: at 30 weeks, with a 0-0-7 APGAR score, and with no heartbeat. Due to abruptio placenta, Nikay had to give birth via emergency C-section, and she was only allowed to carry her baby after several weeks. But she and her little girl managed to overcome the odds.

“I know she felt that ‘mother’s love’ the first time I carried her, that’s why she’s so [behaved] in the photo… and showed us how strong she [was],” Nikay wrote. “So grateful that we were given the chance to carry her from time to time during her ‘incubator days’, at least we [could] hug her during her difficult stage and tell her how everyone’s excited to see her go home.”

Despite difficult circumstances, Nikay and her little girl were able to power through.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Nikay Evolove
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The name of mom Catherine Marzo’s 32-weeker baby is Cairo Gabriel, which means ‘victorious because God is my strength.’ A perfect name for a little warrior!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Catherine Marzo

Another mom who experienced a highly difficult pregnancy is Gail Lasola Osayan. While her experience carrying her first two children were relatively smoother, her third time proved tough. “The whole time masyadong maselan ‘yung pagbubuntis ko,” she shared. She even had a hard time eating every day. Aside from that, Gail also experienced high blood pressure throughout her pregnancy.

When she gave birth via emergency C-section, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her baby’s neck. Still, it was all worth it! “Di ko ipagpapalit lahat ng hirap at sakit na dinanas ko sa pagmamahal ko sa kanila,” Gail said.

Here is a photo of Gail spending some quality time with her little one!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Gail Lasola Osayan

Mom Risa Rheng Dice Esguerra had a high risk pregnancy with her baby boy. “At 8 weeks of gestation I was rushed into the hospital because I [was] bleeding and according to my OB, ‘Humihiwalay ang placenta sa baby.’ I was [on] bed rest for 3 weeks.” By her 7th month, she was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which meant that she needed to be admitted to the hospital again.

On April 17 this year, when Risa thought she was just going for a routine prenatal check-up, she found out that she had also been going through gestational hypertension, and was recommended to go to the hospital, where she was given medication to regulate her blood pressure.

The process of giving birth was extremely difficult for her. Still, she commented, “Grabe, [ang] traumatic, but when I saw him, totoo pala, mawawala lahat ng hirap at sakit na pinagdaanan mo.”

Risa calls her little boy her ‘reason to live.’
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Risa Rheng Dice Esguerra
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Donna was finally able to hold her baby in her arms on the little girl’s 4th day in the NICU. The memory of that moment “is pictured in my mind, something that will never fade and will stay in my memory and etched in my heart forever,” she wrote.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Donna Marie

Mom Mary Grace Magbiray-Cabuyao experienced two failed intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedures, a miscarriage, and hormone injections, before finally giving birth to her baby girl in May 2013.

Baby Amber Faith, whose name means ‘glowing faith,’ is a reminder of how God hears the prayers of those who trust in Him completely, says her mom Mary Grace.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mary Grace Magbiray Cabuyao

At the time mom Merry Oliveros Quiambao was giving birth, typhoon Ompong was ravaging the Philippines. But when her little girl finally left the womb, she seemed to bring the good weather with her — the sun came out!

Merry was diagnosed with placenta previa totalis, which required her to give birth via C-section.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Merry Oliveros Quiambao

After giving birth, mom Sunshine SG acquired chronic UTI. Aside from that, she also needed to prepare to raise her baby by herself. Despite all the challenges, her optimistic outlook still prevailed.

“The whole [process] was one of the most challenging phases of my life but in the end, I feel blessed to be given the chance to become a mother to this wonderful boy,” Sunshine said. “Raising him alone would be a long road to cross but I know it will all be worth it.”

Though the process was long and difficult, Sunshine still feels blessed and grateful for the opportunity to have her son.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Sunshine SG
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During her pregnancy, Toni experienced various difficulties, including hypertension and gestational diabetes. But she and her little warrior were able to make it with flying colors!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Toni Dalton Vazquez Uy

Pregnancy was extremely tough for mom Ginny Guevara Agsaluna. She experienced extreme morning sickness, had to be hospitalized due to dehydration, and went through a case of depression. But with the help of her husband, she was able to survive. “He helped me get through everything. I never felt alone nor unhappy for too long as he would always keep my head above water.”

When she finally heard her baby’s first cry, Ginny was overwhelmed by joy and love. “I [hadn’t] seen her yet but I knew that she was the full embodiment of love. Suddenly all the worry, anxiety and pain disappeared!” 

Ginny shared that holding baby Matthia Paige (Maia for short) in her arms was “the most fulfilling thing in the world.”
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Ginny Guevara Agsaluna

The joy of being able to hold your baby for the first time might be difficult to articulate, but the photos of these moms are worth a thousand words!


For Maan, the feelings she experienced giving birth to baby Cairo were overwhelming.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Maan Sibayan Gullon
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First-time mom Anne uttered a simple phrase upon hearing her son’s first cry: ‘Thank You, Lord.’ When the baby was handed to her, she then remarked, ‘Kamukha mo ang daddy mo.’ LOL!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Anne Agapito Roque
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Though she was groggy from the anesthesia, Dianne still opened her eyes to look at her baby Zach Miguel, who was born at 35 weeks, for the very first time.

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Dianne Margaret


Two years ago, Shara gave birth to little Cassie. Very soon, Cassie is going to be an Ate!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Shara Parinas
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It’s been five years, but Arni still remembers the joy she felt when she first saw and held her daughter.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Arni Espiritu
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Mom Kathlyn was in awe and amazement of the fact that she had just birthed a beautiful blessing.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Kathlyn Camahalan Abello
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Right after giving birth via C-section, Kathlyn powered through the pain to sit down and hold little Maxene in her arms.
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Melanie Gaitera
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Jenn named her baby Mary Hagne, after a Greek word which means ‘pure’ and ‘unblemished.’ Another reason why this name is perfect for her is because she was born on Christmas Day!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Jenn Bernardo Arellano Senar
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Cha-cha’s twins were born preterm, but both babies were able to breath outside the womb, and they got to go home in two days!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Cha-cha gonio



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Right after giving birth, Dessa and her family took their first photo altogether!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Dessa Aguilar Bongay


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In July 2018, Marian gave birth to a new child after nearly a decade. Her labor took 15 hours and she had to be induced, but she was able to deliver her baby with no need for an epidural!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Marian Macalino


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