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  • Nappy Care 101: 6 Tips Every Parent Should Know

    A baby with a great nighttime ritual sleeps better.
  • Diaper changing may not rank high in most parents’ favorite baby caring duties, but hey it must be done—and done right because it not just affects baby’s hygiene but also his mood.


    So whether you’re currently caring for an infant or looking forward to your precious one’s birth, keep these nappy care tips and rituals in mind for a happy baby during bedtime:   



    1. Set up a happy nappy station

    You cannot always tell when your baby will poop, but you can be prepared for it. Be that kind of parent who’s calm and collected, never scrambling, when a situation calls for unexpected nappy change. Have everything you need on hand beside a changing table or bed. Also have another set ready in a bag when going out with baby. 

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    2. Dry and fine

    To opt for cloth diapers or disposable ones? It’s just a matter of personal preference. The more important part is to regularly change diapers as needed and not wait until your baby’s bottom is soaking wet or thoroughly soiled before changing to prevent rashes (a major irritant for babies). If possible, also let his bottom “breathe” for a few minutes through air drying in between cleaning and diaper changing. Rub oil on his bottom to avoid chafing, and keep baby wipes and his diapers within reach, so he won't have to be fussy and uncomfortable before you put on his diaper.


    What to use on baby: JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Oil, JOHNSON’S® Baby Skincare Wipes, and JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Powder


    3. Say yes to mildness

    Every nook and cranny of a baby’s body is as delicate as his face. When shopping for nappy products, check labels to see if the baby wipes, powder, and lotion are formulated with hypo-allergenic ingredients and are mild enough not to cause irritation. Also prefer products that provide moisture and skin care. The same meticulousness should also be applied when choosing detergents to use when laundering cloth diapers.

    What to use on baby: JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Lotion


    4. Make it a pleasant ritual

    Some babies are simply not a fan of nappy changes, crying and fidgeting as they go through it. What to do? Tell him a story, play soft music, distract him with a charming toy. Find out how to make it a enjoyable and entertaining for both you and baby. 



    5. Be light-handed

    Ill-fitting diapers can cause leaks and even discomfort to your baby. Check to see if the one you’re using is the right size. Also make sure that the nappy is snugly—but not so tightly—secured with nappy tapes, fasteners or snaps. Check baby’s reaction; you can almost immediately tell if the fit is uncomfortable for him.   


    6. Massage treat

    Your tiny boss deserves all the TLC you can give; incorporate baby massage ritual into your daily nappy changing routine. After a warm bath, gently massage his body including his cute little bottom! Finish by patting mild powder. You can even sing a lullaby as you do this ritual for a totally relaxing experience as you send him off to dreamland. Tip: Gentle tummy strokes also promote the development of your baby.

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    A relaxing bedtime ritual, starting with the best nappy care, will assist your child to sleep better and longer. Sleep is important for your baby as it will not only not make him cranky in the morning, but let him develop healthily in mind and body. Tip: Induce relaxation on baby by giving him a warm bath! Try JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Bath.

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