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  • Baby Care Pamahiin That We Should Stop Believing

    Everyone has an opinion on what's good for the baby. Arm yourself with the right information.
  • The pressure on modern moms can be quite intense. While most people have good intentions, most modern mommies suffer from information overload. Everyone has an opinion on what's good for the baby. We read lots of books, consult websites, talk to other mommies, and get our information everywhere. Often, we get different or conflicting opinions on what's best for the baby.

    Caring for a baby these days truly involves maneuvering a jungle mixed with opinion and information. While veteran mothers usually know best, some of the old ways are no longer the best ways in caring for your baby.

    Your baby needs to poop everyday

    Some babies poop more than the others, it's different for every baby. Your baby can still have a regular or normal bowel movement even if he or she is not doing it daily. Your baby's poo can also vary depending on what you feed him or her. Breastfed babies have yellow or green colored poop, which is loose or pasty in consistency. Formula-feed babies have tan to buttery consistency.

    Consider constipation only when your child's poop is pebble-like. Poop colors like white, black and red could also indicate problems. If your child's poo is too runny, it may be diarrhea. It's best to consult your pediatrician right away.

    When it comes to your baby's diaper, make sure you get one with a poo-away liner. The liner can protect your child's sensitive skin in case he has a runny poo.

    Diapers affect the size of your baby's waist

    Some people think that wearing diapers is bad for the baby because it constricts the baby's waist. There is no basis to this claim. Babies can freely wear diapers the way they wear their cute onesies and parents do not have to worry. You run a higher risk in having baby’s pee seep on his or her back and cause a health problem than when you get a fully absorbent diaper that will keep him or her dry. You also have to make sure your baby's diaper has a stretchy tape that can adjust to the size of his belly.

    Rashes are caused by diapers and getting larger diaper size can avoid it

    This is one of the most popular of myths. It's not the diaper that causes the rash. It's when you leave the diaper longer than 2 to 3 hours that causes the rash, no matter what the size. You don't change only when the diaper is soiled. It's best to do a diaper change at regular intervals. Make sure you choose a variety that has superior absorbency. Rashes are not only caused by pee, but by poo as well—it's best to get a diaper that can absorb both.

    Diapers can make baby bowlegged or sakang

    While diapers for a newly walking baby can in fact affect gait in walking, it does not necessarily make the baby permanently bowlegged. There are also diaper brands that are trustworthy in providing lighter materials that do not have to cause too much bulk or discomfort to your little one. There are also diapers that have unique Magic Gel Channels that can evenly distribute wetness and keep the diaper form intact.

    What should you believe when it comes to baby care?

    Understand that babies are unique, beautiful, and that they have their own respective set of care requirements. Caring for your baby does not just begin and end with knowing these myths and busting them. Having a trustworthy set of products to keep your baby safe, dry, and comfortable is also a huge help to your parenting success.

    Investing in the right set of diapers is one way to ensure you are giving only what's best for your baby—your child's comfort and dryness is the ultimate priority. For your baby's diaper changing needs, You can try the new Pampers Premium Care, which recently received SmartParenting.com.ph's Best for Newborn Skin seal of approval. Pampers accepted the Smart Parenting challenge to test its Premium care diaper against four competing brands. The tests included speed of absorbency, ability to lock in wetness, breathability, and stretch length. For the Smart Parenting editorial team, however, the wow factor was how the diaper minimized the contact of runny poo on a baby's skin.  

    The NEW Pampers Premium Care is great for your newborn's sensitive skin. It has an upgraded 5-star skin protection, through the New Magic Gel Channels. Its New Absorb Away Liner makes sure poo doesn't go all over your child's skin.The NEW Pampers Premium Care also helps prevent rahses through its upgraded softness and breathability and an improved topsheet that quickly pulls away wetness from baby's skin. It has a dual absorption layer that keeps moisture safely locked in and away from your baby's skin, while the super absorbent polymers (SAP) allow every diaper to absorb more wettings at night.

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