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  • 20 Moms Deliver The Verdict On Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers: 'Mahimbing Ang Tulog Ni Baby!'

    They tried the taped diapers and pants on their babies and shared their experiences.
    by Shairah Nabong . Published Nov 10, 2020
20 Moms Deliver The Verdict On Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers: 'Mahimbing Ang Tulog Ni Baby!'
  • Diapers are among the top essentials that new mothers buy for their baby. For many, it will be a matter of trial and error before they find one that’s hiyang for their little one — moms will be on the lookout for irritation, right fit, and budget.

    These were the factors that Pampers wanted to address when they invited us to evaluate both their Pampers Baby-Dry taped diapers and pants. So we turned to our community, Smart Parenting Village, for help. Twenty moms (and their babies) became part of our road test crew to see if the products can get the Smart Mom-Approved seal.

    Smart Parenting mom crew

    Following quarantine guidelines, we delivered both Pampers Baby-Dry taped diapers and pants to each mom along with a questionnaire. Then, one Saturday afternoon, we invited them to a virtual get-together where 12 out of the 20 moms managed to join us and relay their honest feedback. (Those who could not join sent their answers to the questionnaire.)

    Ma. Krisanta Chelle Valguna, mom to Johann, 3 months, used Pampers Baby-Dry medium size

    Maria Ravenna D. Vitto, mom to Natalia, 2 months, used Pampers Baby-Dry small size

    Anna Marie Ortega, mom to Sybilla, 1 month and 18 days, used Pampers Baby-Dry newborn size

    Jeneviev Yvette L. Romero, mom to Evander, 3 months, used Pampers Baby-Dry small size

    Aliana Mae L. Jativa, mom to a 1-month-old baby, used Pampers Baby-Dry medium size

    Maricon Pendon, mom to Zaireen, 2 months, used Pampers Baby-Dry small size

    Virgi Lea Claudine C. Esquivel-Aguas, mom to Amihan, 3 months, used Pampers Baby-Dry small size

    Ria Veron G. Koh, mom to David, 1 month, used Pampers Baby-Dry newborn size

    Joanna Elainee Calimag, mom to Sofia, 1 month, used Pampers Baby-Dry small size

    Janelle Maras, mom to Kyle, 1 month, used Pampers Baby-Dry small size

    Jamielyn Ainza, mom to a baby who’s only days-old at the time of usage of Pampers Baby-Dry newborn size

    Pamela May U. Haspela, mom to a 3-month-old baby, used Pampers Baby-Dry small size


    Those who did not make it to the discussion were: 

    Nikki Viola, mom to Adeona, 2 months, used Pampers Baby-Dry medium size

    Chris dela Cruz, mom to a baby who’s only days-old at the time of usage, used Pampers Baby-Dry newborn size

    Ivy Gail Manalang Antonio, mom to a 6-weeks old baby, used Pampers Baby-Dry newborn size    

    Arlene Genil Aquino, mom to a 1-month-old baby, used Pampers Baby-Dry medium size

    Sharmaine Dizon, mom to Noelle, 6 weeks, used Pampers Baby-Dry newborn size

    Rhea Erelle Villareal Zaragoza, mom to a baby who is a few weeks old at the time of usage of Pampers Baby-Dry newborn size

    Crisza Joy Fadriquela, mom to a 3-month-old baby, used Pampers Baby-Dry medium size

    Vida Nathania L. Pimentel, mom to King, 1 month, used Pampers Baby-Dry small size

    Pampers review

    According to Pamela, whose baby is 3-months old, "Less frequent ako magpalit dahil 'di agad napupuno."
    PHOTO BY (FROM LEFT) Courtesy of Janella Maras and Pamela Haspela
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    Diaper packaging

    The moms all had good words for Pampers’ packaging — lightweight and with a handle, making it easy to carry anywhere.

    They also liked its “uncomplicated visual” that can appeal to dads. The vital information — from size to its features — were labeled in front, so there’s little to no room for errors when buying.

    According to Joanna, she also liked that the packaging had a photo of a mom and baby on it instead of the usual baby-only visual.

    For a more foolproof diaper run to the stores, Lea pointed out that making the packaging colors different for every size can help for easier identification. Pampers diapers are currently in the same blue packaging.

    Diaper size and fit

    Between Pampers Baby-Dry taped diapers and pants, the moms seemed to lean on the taped diapers a little more than the pants. It fit their babies well, and it generally had no signs of leakage.


    For the Pampers Baby-Dry pants, the moms’ collective evaluation is that it could have been made tighter around the thighs. The diaper hugs their babies’ waists just fine but was not as snug in the thigh area. So the moms felt if they got one size smaller, it would be a better fit for their babies.

    According to Jamielyn, “‘Yung range [ng size] na binigay nila for newborn, medyo malaki. Sabihin na natin na may mommies na nanganganak na malaki ‘yung baby. Pwede naman silang mag-shift ng sizes — kumbaga meron nang aakma na sizes para sa bigger babies kahit newborn pa lang sila.

    She adds, “Unlike ‘yung newborn na malaki na ‘yung diaper tapos maliit ‘yung baby, parang walang choice.” 

    Diaper features and price

    Nikki Viola, a first-time mom, says that she found the price expensive. She realized it was worth the cost when she saw her baby’s comfort.
    PHOTO BY (from left) Courtesy of Rav Vitto And Nikki Viola

    Pampers’ wetness indicator appealed to the moms the most because it saved them from constantly touching and peeking at their babies’ diapers just to see if they were already full — the diaper tells them when it needs changing.

    Some moms did recommend the wetness indicator to be highlighted on the packaging, including a how-to. The indicator was also limited to the taped variant, and they believe it would be helpful for the pants variant, too.

    Price-wise, the moms admit Pampers was expensive compared to other brands, but everyone was willing to pay a little more for it. As they pointed out, their babies tend to use fewer diapers because of its absorption efficiency.

    Pampers’ brand claims

    According to Rhea, "Tumatagal talaga si Pampers ng hindi nagle-leak. Hindi pati ako napuyat sa pagpapalit!'
    PHOTO BY (from left) Courtesy of Rhea Zaragoza and Krisanta Valguna

    Pampers claims triple protection to protect babies from three causes of rashes — wetness, heat, and skin irritants. The moms shared their personal experiences with the brand and their take on the claims:

    • locks in wetness
    • keeps babies feeling fresh
    • offers protection against skin irritants

    Locks in wetness

    Some of the moms — especially those who were first-time Pampers users — admitted they were dubious at first as to how a diaper as thin as the Pampers Baby-Dry can last for hours.

    They were all happily surprised that Pampers delivered when it came to absorbing wetness well without any hint of moisture at all, thanks to its magic gel.

    Krisanta noted the diaper remained comparatively drier than the other brands she’s tried. She would usually change her baby’s nappy at least every three hours because he is rash-prone. 

    Meanwhile, Maricon who’s a first-time Pampers user, shared that her baby enjoyed uninterrupted sleep at night, so she slept well, too!


    “After niya mag-take a bath ng gabi before sleeping, ‘yun na ‘yung diaper niya hanggang paggising niya ng umaga. Kahit may wiwi, hindi siya bulky tingnan na sobrang punong-puno na.”

    Vida appreciates Pampers' features. "Madali isuot at stretchable ang material."
    PHOTO BY (FROM LEFT) Courtesy of Maricon Pendon and Vida Lacson

    Keeps babies feeling fresh

    All of the mom-participants in our virtual discussion said none of their babies exhibited any signs of discomfort brought by heat while using Pampers.

    In particular, Ravenna had a positive experience with the brand’s heat protection, which made her rate the claim with the highest score. She shared that when their electricity went out unexpectedly, her baby remained comfortable despite the heat.

    “Binubusisi ko kasi [‘yung Pampers diaper], hinanap ko kung nasaan ‘yung micro pores —so nakita ko ‘yung mga parang maliliit nga na butas butas. Tapos kinakapa ko ‘yung skin ni baby, wala siyang pawis, hindi mo makikitaan ng parang redness ‘yung balat niya,” Ravenna says.

    “So, to think na brownout pa tapos hindi siya nagkaroon ng any skin irritations, that’s why I gave it a perfect 10,” she adds.

    Offers protection against skin irritants

    Aside from keeping the babies protected from wetness and heat, Pampers also promised to prevent the development of rashes due to skin irritants and friction. This was done through the layer of baby lotion that serves as an additional protective barrier.


    The moms attested they all had a positive experience without any sign of irritation. A major plus was how the diapers made the skin soft even if they did not apply any powder or lotion on the baby’s skin.  

    The verdict

    Despite varying experiences, the moms agree the numerous benefits offered by Pampers Baby-Dry taped diapers and pants ultimately outweigh their reservations on price. After all, the moms pointed out, they had fewer diaper changes after using Pampers.

    They said they would continue to use Pampers once what we gave them run out. Their babies slept well, so the whole family gets a good night’s sleep, too! #SPSmartMomApproved

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