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  • Parents Tell Us Their Children's First Words

    Some babies were pa-sweet, some pa-funny, one was plain adorable and another was inspiring
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    A baby's first words can be hilarious, sweet, adorable or slightly disappointing (if it was "dada" but you're the mama or if it was "mama" but you're the dada). Any which way, first words are often times amusing and come with interesting backstories or after stories. So, we asked moms and dads to tell us their children's first words. Here's what they said: 

    The Pa-sweets



    1. "Cj learned "tart" because that was what me and his dad would call each other. He started calling his dad "tart" as well. I was advised to call my husband "daddy" from then on. But, after that, all our friends would call my husband "daddy" as well!" --Yolly Darlucio, banker, mom of 2

    2. "Patricia's were "mama", "dada", "mimi" for milk.  Abu" meant I love you. Until today we say "abu" to each other since it became our family's "I love you." -- Amy Albert, customer service representative, mom of 2

    3. "Mam" for mama; "Dada" for papa; "Milki" for milk and  "awabyu 1, 2, 3" for I love you 1 2 3.

    [Until now] we always say "awabyu 1, 2, 3" whenever we finish talking over the phone. That means the conversation is over. --Aerielle Rae Cyndelle, entrepreneur, mom of 3

    We asked Mom Aerielle why they had to count to three whenever they put the phone down. She answered:

    "Whenever we talk over the phone (me and my kid or me and my husband), we make sure that we put the phone down at the same time. There's no waiting for anyone to put down the phone first. Basta lagi sabay (It's always at the same time). Until now, we do that."

    The Pa-funny's

    1. "All my 4 kids first words were "dudu" (meaning bottled milk in Filipino but also slang for nipple). Food porn at an early age! Rock on to my crazy kids!" --MG Sayson, teacher, mom of 4

    2. "The usual "tata" (from the Filipino word "Tatay" meaning father) and "nana" (from the Filipino word "NaNay" meaning mother) were the first few words of my kids.

    But one phrase I could not forget was my son Miguel's first phrase. He kept on shouting "pakting haming haming!" No one could understand him, and he was crying already.

    Until his older sister, Cheska, arrived from school. Miguel looked at his Ate Cheska, and begged, "pakting haming haming." His sister stood up, went to the refrigerator, and got Miguel a very cold glass of water and Miguel smiled. He meant "tubig na malamig na malamig (a glass of very cold water)!" -- Pia Mesina-Cruz, government employee, mom of 3

    3. "Bea's first word was "mimi" for mama followed by "ow" for water and "baskety" for spaghetti." -- Maricris Bonifacio Obar, stay-at-home mom, mom of 1

    Mom Maricis has confirmed that, indstaeed, Bea's favorite food was spaghetti as a baby. In fact, it's still her favorite dish now. She doesn't, call it "baskety" anymore though.

    4. "'Wee' (for pee) and "pupu" (for poop). Right after my kids would wake up I would always ask them if they needed to pee. Then later on I would ask then if they needed to poo.  They caught on quick."--Evelyn Sanidad, marketing manager, mom of 2

    The Adorable

    1. "Giancarlo got into habit of thumb sucking . So I will always tell him, "not the thumb". And he will say 'no fumb, Mama?'"--Karen Mendoza Gonzalez, stay-at-home mom, mom of 2

    The Inspirational

    1. "Well, since Shoti was a preterm baby, it took him sometime to speak his first word which is "mama". Not until I enrolled him in a speech therapy clinic, when he was 2 years old, that he was able to speak his first sentence after 6 months.

    [His speech] was delayed by 8 months. But look at him now, he is a miracle baby, a very smart and out-spoken critic.--Josephine P. Uy, lawyer, mom of 3

    The statements above were edited for brevity.

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