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  • Wow! Philmar Alipayo Takes 10-Month-Old Daughter Lilo Surfing

    Lilo is in good hands; her father is a professional surfer and instructor.
    by Rachel Perez .
  • It’s not her first time in the water, but it’s Lilo Alipayo’s first time to surf with her dad. On Sunday, June 7, Philmar Alipayo shared a video of himself tandem surfing with his 10-month-old daughter.

    “Lilo’s First Surf With Papa,” the award-winning surfer titled the video. “Soo happy! Lilo’s first surf at 10 months. Can’t wait for more surf with me,” Philmar added.

    The video, set with an island music background, shows Philmar and Lilo on a surfboard. At first, the professional surfer was paddleboarding with his daughter seated in front of him.

    Philmar holds Lilo upright on the sufboard!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @chepoxz/IGTV

    Then, the surfing champ stood up and held Lilo to stand on the surfboard as well. As the wave merged into the water and headed near the beach, they both sat down on the board.

    Philmar with daughter Lilo riding the waves to the shore.
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @chepoxz/IGTV
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    Whoever was taking the video must have been far away from where Philmar and Lilo were in the water. The proud daddy promised better video quality next time. Andi Eigenman, who captured the video, also shared it on her Instagram Stories.

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    Is it safe to take a baby surfing?

    Many netizens were amazed upon seeing the video and lauded Lilo for being so brave to try out the sport that both her parents love. Some, however, couldn't help but suggest having the little one wear a life vest for safety.

    Take a closer look at Philmar taking Lilo on her first surfing exprience.
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @chepoxz/IGTV

    Philmar isn’t the only one who surfed with baby in tow. While surfing with an infant looks dangerous, it is common among experienced surfers and bodysurfers to introduce their kids to the ocean at a very young age.


    Pro surfer John John Florence, for example, shared that he was only 6 months old when hi mom took him paddling into the wave. In 2017, professional surfer Jorge Tirado shared a GoPro video of his 9-month-old barreling the tube with him.

    “Parents have to trust their instincts if they’re thinking of taking their young kid out into the water and only tandem surf [with the child] when the waves are small,” Ikaika Kaulukukui, a surf instructor at the Hans Hedemann Surf School in Hawaii told The Huffington Post in 2017.


    Kaulukukui added that it’s really up to the parents’ discretion. He did suggest to only take an infant surfing if the conditions are safe and you’re confident about your swimming, surfing, and other water sport skills.

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    In case you missed it: Apart from winning professional surfing competitions worldwide, Philmar is also a surfing instructor. He has been teaching Andi's older daughter, Ellie Eigenmann, to surf whenever she joins them in the island. Philmar also accompanied Andi when she surfed while she was six months pregnant with Lilo.


    Taking after her parents and big sister, the little girl has grown comfortable with the water as well, growing up in their island home in Siargao. If Andi had no qualms about it, then rest assured these srufer parents know what they are doing and will not knowingly endanger their child.

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