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  • 5 Reasons Aunts Are Important in Their Nephews' and Nieces' Lives

    There's nothing quite like a tita's love!
5 Reasons Aunts Are Important in Their Nephews' and Nieces' Lives
  • Tita, Auntie, Tsang, Mommy Two: They go by many labels and nicknames, and assume many roles—from instant yaya and playtime buddy to unofficial mentor, confidante, and even substitute parent.

    There’s no denying how important aunts (and uncles) are to the lives of their nephews and nieces, especially in the early years, when parents need all the help they can get.

    One famous tita who gladly accepts her multiple roles is none other than Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho’s adorable daughter Scarlet Snow. At 4, she’s already showing off her stellar #TitaSkills as she cares for her baby nephew, Hunter James Pitt, the son of Cristalle Belo and her husband Justin Pitt.

    Here, we list down five of the best reasons why aunts are awesome, as exhibited by Little Miss Scarlet herself.

    1. Titas are the best playmates.

    Let’s face it: Parents are always tired, while aunts have way more energy. This is especially true if your baby's tita is young and active like Scarlet, who loves playing outdoors and swimming under the sun. (Look at Hunter’s happy face!)

    2. They make great babysitters.

    When Cristalle and Justin had to go on a trip, Scarlet took on the major task of babysitting Hunter at home (supervised by yayas, of course). She kept him entertained by expertly—and patiently—telling a story from a book, even though Hunter was trying to grab the pages!

    Another thing Tita Scarlet is a pro at? Making sure her baby nephew is always clean and comfy with the help of Belo Baby Wipes, Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash, and Belo Baby Cologne, a.k.a. her personal stay-fresh essentials.

    Here, watch Scarlet as she slays being “punong-abala” by taking care of Hunter for a day.

    3. Aunts pamper and treat your baby.

    Unlike moms and dads who have to be careful not to indulge their kids’ whims too much, aunts can pretty much spoil their nephews and nieces as they please—and get away with it. Just look at how Hunter has Scarlet wrapped around his finger in this adorable video. At one point, the doting tita even lets him eat her nose!

    4. They have your child’s back—always.

    No need to fret if mom’s not around as long as tita’s there to save the day. At an event, Scarlet proved to be one truly protective auntie as she pacified Hunter, who was getting upset from all the noise.

    “She just kept on hugging him and telling him it was OK,” Cristalle captioned her post, thanking Scarlet for being the “cutest, sweetest, and most caring tita ever!”

    5. Aunties can double as instant BFFs.

    There’s a unique friendship between an aunt and nephew (or niece)—one that’s totally different from the one that kids have with their parents. They can be instant best friends and even partners in crime, like what Scarlet is to Hunter.

    Clearly, it’s hard to imagine life without a tita, especially one that’s as doting and loving as Tita Scarlet. We can only imagine what kind of adorable shenanigans she and baby Hunter have in store for us as they grow up together.

    And when it comes to caring for babies, we can learn a thing or two from Scarlet who uses gentle products on herself and on her nephew.

    Great for easy cleaning, the gentle Belo Baby Wipes can be used on the face, hands, and baby’s bum. They’ll keep Hunter feeling fresh and clean, while being gentle on his delicate skin.

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    Belo Baby products are chosen not just by meticulous moms, but by meticulous titas, too.

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