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  • 8 Ways You Can Re-Use Your Baby's Old Lampin

    Has your baby outgrown her burp cloths? Find new uses for them!
    by Lou Velle Mariano .
8 Ways You Can Re-Use Your Baby's Old Lampin
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  • Burping is a necessary ritual every time babies are fed, or they end up like a spit machine. This is why burp cloths were invented and are considered an important part of your new baby kit. 

    Other than this purpose, burp cloths, or the local "lampin", also serve a number of uses. If you're a new mom and find yourself with more than enough supply of it, or even if your baby has simply outgrown the need for them, there are still plenty of ways you can re-purpose the trusty cloth. Here are eight:

    • Use them as place mats


    Toddlers can be quite messy when they are eating. Burp cloths make for an efficient place mat, especially when kids are eating or drinking liquids such as soup, because the cloth is highly absorbent.

    Use for cleaning around the house
    Burp cloths are absorbent and work well for quick clean ups. Wipe tables scratch-free, and dust counter tops, furniture, and the like. It's not only eco-friendly, it's also more economical as well as opposed to using paper towels or table napkin.

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    Great for little ones with colds
    Babies with colds have a very sensitive nose, and wiping them repeatedly might cause soreness and redness on their nostrils—except if you're using burp cloths. Because of the soft fabric, burp cloths are less likely to cause rashes and are more convenient to use.

    • Use as a toddler's bib


    Do not limit the use of burp cloths to tables! Tuck one end into your child's shirt collar to protect his clothes from stains while drinking or eating.

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    Use as wipes
    Wet wipes can cause some babies to feel itchy, especially when they have diaper rashes. The use of burp cloths as an alternative to wet wipes is very appropriate for babies with sensitive skin. Just wet the cloth with water and gently wipe your baby’s raw bum.

    Make pillowcases


    Sew together old burp cloths and turn them into cute pillowcases for your child’s bedroom. Make a bunch of them to create a cozy sleeping and reading spot for your child.

     Use as blankets—or dresses—for your daughter's doll
    Another way to repurpose old burp cloths is to let your daughter use them as blankets when she is playing with her dolls. Big burp cloths can be cut and sewed into smaller pieces and may be turned into fashionable clothing pieces. This way, playing "make believe" will be more enjoyable and realistic.

    Turn them into a cozy rag or quilt
    Old burp cloths can be made into a personalized quilt for your baby. Here is a step-by-step instruction for sewing rag quilt for babies. 

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