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  • 4 Things A Second-Time Mom Shouldn't Be Worried About

    You now have the confidence of a mom who has successfully kept her first child alive
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
4 Things A Second-Time Mom Shouldn't Be Worried About
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  • The first time for anything is always a learning experience, whether it’s a skill, going to school, or riding a plane. On a totally different plane, motherhood is as terrifying as can be when it’s your first time, but going through the first year with your first child will teach you a thing (or ten) about yourself and of course, your child. 

    Such is the journey that by the time your second child comes along, you know better. You know you won’t panic anymore the first time your new baby spits (lungad), and that you can’t rely on how warm your child feels to accurately say “mataas ang lagnat” -- you need to monitor his temperature using a thermometer. And so on.

    One mom makes a case for moms expecting their second child and wrote her thoughts and fears on Thought Catalog now that she’s on the family way again.


    “The funny thing about this time around is my fears are totally different. I’m not even worried about the new one coming, I’m worried about how the older one will deal with it. And I’m worried about how I’ll survive having 2 under 2.”

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    She knows though that with her second baby she won’t worry about the following:

    1. Keeping her baby alive.

    She is going into her second motherhood journey more confident, knowing she did a great job with her first. “Granted, I’ll still be a little nervous, but at least this time I have some sense of what I’m doing and won’t be afraid that if I don’t properly burp her she’ll suffocate on a big burp bubble,” she wrote.

    2. Not sticking to a schedule.

    Sabrina successfully got her son to sleep straight for 12 hours when he was only 9 weeks old (what a feat!) and followed a schedule to keep it that way. However, she became obsessed with it and felt terrified when it changed after a few weeks. 


    “I was a slave to his schedule. I was scared to ever let other people feed him or put him down for a nap because if anything went wrong my magical unicorn sleeper might be no longer! I wish I had just relaxed because the fact is, sometimes you get off scheduled but you can always get back on track!”

    3. Her postpartum weight.

    As each pregnancy is different, so is every woman. Therefore, she learned that what worked for others in losing the excess pounds might not work for you ... and that’s okay! “Those last 10 pounds … well, those will come off if they feel like it,” she says in resignation.

    4. Her baby’s milestones.

    Rather than worrying if something is wrong with her child, Sabrina knows now, “Babies just do different things at different times.

    “I am so excited to not worry about them this time!”

    Turning serious, she ends her piece by voicing out the fear of every second-time mom to be: 


    “[My first child] happens to be an exceptionally easy child, even as a crazy toddler. He is just so good. What if she’s [second child] not? What if she screams all day and night, will I love her like I loved him? I’m sure I will. I hope I will. “But it’s scary. I don’t want either of my kids to feel neglected or less loved and I guess finding that balance, and really spreading the love in equal measures, is my biggest fear this time around.”

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