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  • Sippy Cups: Helping Baby Transition from the Bottle

    Introduce another way to get baby her fluids.
    by Anna Santos-Villar . Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Letting your child use a sippy cup offers several advantages: it aids in improving hand-to-mouth coordination in babies, it gives baby some independence when she is already able to hold a cup but still lacks the skill to prevent liquid spillage, and keeps cleanup to a minimum.
    Make the transition easier:
    Initially use a spout made of soft, pliable material rather than hard plastic. Guide baby in raising cup to mouth and tilt it up for drinking.
    In the beginning, put only water in the cup until baby gets used to drinking from it. Otherwise, you might end up with sticky milk or juice stains on the carpet and furniture.
    Test different kinds of cups until you find one that baby is comfortable with. When you think she’s ready, see if baby would now like to use a regular cup.

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