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  • Sleep Regression: What it is and How to Handle it

    How can you help your baby sleep through the night?
    by Blessie Adlaon .
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  • baby sleepingSleep – your baby needs it, and most definitely, so do you! 

    So when that blessed day comes that your baby sleeps through the whole night without waking you up, it’s a cause for celebration! But hold that halloo – you’re not out of the woods yet. Often, it happens that while you’re just starting to catch up on your sleep, baby suddenly begins waking up again in the middle of the night.

    Hello, sleep regression. (That’s the technical term used for when a good sleeper turns bad.) What do you do if it happens to your baby?

    1. Co-sleep. Yes, take your baby out of the crib and put him or her into bed with you. Now it’s true that if this is something you’re not already doing, it can be a radical step that would normally be put in as a last if-all-else-fails suggestion. However, we put it in first because it is so effective.  


    Dr. Precious “Tippy” Tanchanco, a development pediatrician who holds clinic at the Medical City, agrees. Herself a mother of three kids, she says, “Babies tend to sleep better and more peacefully when they are with their parents. Your warmth, your smell, the sound of your breathing – these make them feel more secure, so even if they wake up in the middle of the night, it’s easier for them to fall back to sleep with little or no help from you.”

    She added, though, that it is important to keep the bed environment safe for your baby. “There should be no thick blankets, no comforters. The bed sheets should fit snugly on the bed and should not be easily pulled off. You need to ensure that your baby does not get smothered.”

    Co-sleeping also makes it easier for you to do the next item on this list:


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