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  • The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Clothes for Your Baby and Toddler

  • Shopping for your little one can be overwhelming. But before you get carried away while choosing from all those adorable prints and designs, keep in mind that your child's comfort and safety are more important.

    You don't necessarily have to sacrifice style for comfort. There are fashionable options that are also functional and kid-safe. We've rounded up some of our picks—and tips—to help you out in your next shopping trip.

    The snaps are made of plastic, since some babies have metal allergies.

    Understand which fabrics are best for baby.

    These adorable 100% cotton PJs with AIRism are light and warm, yet dry and comfortable.

    Babies, particularly newborns, have sensitive skin, so it's best to go for light and breathable fabrics that will not irritate them or make them itchy. Most experts recommend cotton or cotton blends, as these are gentle on the skin—especially in this tropical weather.

    Another fabric that's suitable for babies is AIRism, a breathable mesh fabric that wicks away perspiration to protect them from heat rashes. If it's cold, keep them warm with HEATTECH clothes, which also contain argan oil to keep skin moisturized.

    Designed with comfort technology for that light-as-air feel.

    Make sure the clothes you choose are safe for baby.

    Care labels are placed on the outside so they don't touch baby's delicate skin.

    Avoid choosing clothing items with detachable accessories like buttons or beads, which can be choking hazards. Steer clear of long ties or bows that can pull tightly around your baby's neck and arms, too. Zippers can also be dangerous for infants—the hard parts can irritate skin. Opt for styles with plastic snaps instead—they're easy to close and undo, making outfit changes or diaper changes easy.

    Make playtime breezy with this sando-style onesie that's snug but offers ease of movement.

    Choose a good set of onesies.

    Who says onesies need to be plain and boring? These striped pieces are dressy enough for a casual day out!

    Onesies are incredibly versatile. These can be used as a shirt, an undergarment, or a complete outfit. They also allow your baby to move around so he can play, roll on his belly, and stretch his arms and legs.

    Choose onesies with flat side seams for extra comfort and made from sturdy fabric that won't twist up or stretch out even after washing.

    Apart from considering the appropriate style, you also have to make sure you choose ones with plastic poppers to avoid any allergic reaction to metal.

    Invest in good sleepwear.

    Though made of airy cotton, these basics can hold up to daily washing.

    Did you know that newborns zero to three months old need 14 to 17 hours of sleep each day? Infants four to 11 months old need 12 to 15 hours, while toddlers one to two years old need 11 to 14 hours of sleep.

    These adorable PJs are light and warm, yet dry and comfortable.

    Because your little one spends most of his time in dreamland, make sure to get him pajamas that are comfortable and breathable enough to help him sleep soundly through the night.

    One-piece rompers are still best for young infants, while separates work better for active toddlers as these allow them to move more comfortably in bed. Choose styles and fabrics that keep them warm and cozy without being restricting.

    Choose the right fit.

    Another major consideration: Make sure the clothes you get your little ones fit them comfortably. Sizing guidelines vary from brand to brand, so when in doubt, buy a size bigger. They grow fast!

    When they become active tots, let them wear leggings made from soft, stretchy jersey like these pairs from Uniqlo. They also have a slightly looser fit in the rear and midsection to accommodate diapers, and an elastic waistband for quick outfit changes.

    At the end of the day, wardrobe shopping for your little one can be a stress-free experience, as long as you prioritize their safety and comfort. 

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