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This Nurse's 'Magic Trick' for Injections Gets a Lot of Love on the Internet
PHOTO BY Screencap from Tiffany Shelby Marshall/Facebook
  • Most kids dread visiting the doctor because they know there’s a chance that they’re going to get injections. While there are things that parents can do to help lessen their fear, we’d also be grateful for help from the nurses who usually deliver the shots.

    That’s why this video from Facebook user Tiffany Shelby Marshall warmed our hearts. In it, she shows how a nurse pulled off a “magic trick” so her little boy won’t get scared of getting injections. As of posting, the video has been viewed more than 24 million times and has gotten over 390,000 shares and 195,000 reactions.

    “This was by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen with this kid. I almost peed myself,” she says in her Facebook post. “This nurse was absolutely phenomenal!”

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    The video starts with the nurse distracting the little boy by asking him about the presents he got for Christmas. The boy watches her intently as she prepares the shots, but he answers her questions with enthusiasm.

    When she asks the boy to sit closer, you know that the injections are about to come. But she turns the boy’s mood around by telling him that she was going to show him a magic trick “and then we’re going to paint,” she says.

    “I thought I was going to get shot!” The boy exclaims, to which the nurse replies playfully, “No, man, we gon’ paint!”

    She then asks the boy to hold out his hand and count to three so they can do the magic trick. After she pricks his finger, she asks the boy to “watch the magic,” as she scoops out a little of his blood and then asks him to press his finger on a piece of paper to “paint circles.”

    “I didn’t cry!” The boy explains happily before asking, “You gave me a shot?” The nurse fumbles her reply but eventually says, “Yeah, that was a magic trick shot.”

    As the video continues, the nurse asks Tiffany’s son to embrace her tight because she needs to see his muscles for the next trick. She asks him to close his eyes then quickly gives him a shot on the shoulder. Naturally, he screams but manages to laugh a few seconds later.

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    The nurse then “checks his muscles on the other shoulder.” This time around, the boy manages to look without making a sound while the needle is being injected. We also find out that he’s going to get a five-dollar reward if he manages not to cry through the whole process.

    But when the boy finds out there’s going to be another shot he panics and shouts, “Not again, not again!”

    Through it all, the nurse stays calm and quickly gives him the last shot. “Done, man!” she exclaims, seemingly proud that the boy didn’t cry (even if he did scream, which, again, is natural for any kid). She handed him the five dollars, and the little boy looks so happy to get it.

    “Are you okay?” A voice asks, perhaps belonging to Tiffany.

    “I didn’t want to come to the doctor,” the boy replies with a shrug.

    Well, he might not have liked going to the clinic, but we’re sure he’s relieved now that the shots weren’t as painful as he thought it would be. Honestly, we loved his enthusiasm and how brave he was! As for the nurse, we’d like to give her a tight hug, too. She’s amazing!

    What tricks did you have to do to get your children to take their shots? Did you meet nurses like the one on the video, too? Share it with us in the comments!

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