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  • Tips for Baby's First Hair Cut

    Is your tot ready to have his tresses snipped? We help you decide with these go signals and stress-free kiddie haircut tips.
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    Go Signals
    • Unruly locks. Obviously, it’s time for your children’s haircut if their hair is already too long, hard to comb, unruly, or simply unkempt.
    • Ability to sit still. It’s not surprising to see children squirm in their seats as a pair of scissors snips their tresses or an electric hair clipper buzzes over their ears. Your children are ready for their first haircut if you can successfully get them to stay motionless for more than 15 minutes. Observe them during quiet times. Does watching TV, watching themselves in a mirror, or reading a favorite book help them keep still?

    How to make it easy
    • Get a haircut yourself to show that there’s nothing to be scared of. Let your children witness the whole process—from shampooing to blowdrying. Then point out how much prettier Mommy looks and how fun it was.
    • Try kiddie salons where stylists are trained to handle young customers. There are children’s books and TV shows in the waiting area, plus chairs shaped like animals or race cars for kids to sit on during the actual haircut.
    • For children, since a barber or hairstylist is essentially a stranger holding a sharp object, having Mom or Dad hold their hand throughout the experience helps greatly. Ask yaya or tita to take the pictures or video so that you can give your child your undivided attention.
    • Sometimes, no amount of preparation or soothing will make this experience tears-free. Reward your children with a hug or a scoop of ice cream, and point out that the haircut didn’t hurt at all. Your children will associate the rewards and reassurances with the haircut, and may not find the next one as traumatic.
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