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  • baby airplane3:00 AM, Pohsdorf, Germany. I have just survived my first trans-continent flight, solo with a 6-month-old baby boy, a total of 24 hours traveling time, 3 full diapers, and many lessons learned along the way.

    1. Bring a couple carry on toys to keep baby occupied. Tie a ribbon around each so you can attach it to the stroller or bassinet. No rattles or noisy toys, though. The other passengers would appreciate it.

    2. The stroller can be your lifesaver. But if you have a stopover and transit flight, make sure it’s clear that you get your stroller at the layover as well, and that the airport staff doesn’t send it straight to your destination. Have them give it to you when stepping off the plane (they will put another label tag on this) so that you are not stuck without it at immigrations and other checkpoints before baggage claim.

    3. Pack a soft pad for changing diapers, one that can fold up small into your bag. Baby will appreciate not having to lie on the cold, hard table of the cramped airplane toilet.

    Airplanes should carry baby diapers on board. You don’t need to over-pack diapers.

    4. You will be required to pass everything through the x-ray machines, so double check and make sure you get everything back afterwards, especially your baby gear! I accidentally left my laptop in the Munich Security check and realized two hours later! Thanks to German efficiency, I was able to find it again in Lost and Found.

    Don’t underestimate the recommended 3 hour check in prior to take-off time. You will appreciate having enough time to do everything (plus change diapers in-between!) with time for unexpected blunders, like my laptop scenario above.



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