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    One of the many developmental milestones I really looked forward to with my two kids was the coming in of their first teeth. The eruption of their first teeth was a happy reminder of how far they had grown from being newborn infants; and that soon they would begin the wonderful journey of discovering solid food. For my son, teething was easy - no drooling, no crankiness, no nothing! The only thing that happened was one day when he was three months old, I felt some discomfort as he was breastfeeding and lo and behold, there it was  - the tip of his first tooth!

    My experience with my daughter four years later was so different from what happened with my son. Though the drooling was not excessive, we had to go through many cranky days before her first little tooth made its way out at 4 months old. We also went through a day of low grade fever before each arrival of the first four teeth and a whole lot of chewing and gnawing at anything she could get her hands on. It was a completely different experience from her brother, but well, I guess that’s the reality of it - teething for each child is different.

    I had a chat with our dentist, Dr. Junice Salazar, to learn a little bit more about teething and what parents can do or give their children through this difficult time.

    According to Dr. Salazar, most children will start teething by the second half of their first year, though some, like my own kids, start a little bit earlier. She also shares that the order by which the teeth come out, more often than not, follow a predictable pattern starting with the two lower front teeth. By the age of 3, though, Dr. Salazar says that most children will have a complete set of 20 milk teeth.


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