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    According to Elena Cua-Lobo, M.D., M.P.H., pediatric-pulmonologist who holds private clinics in Manila and Quezon City, children who do this are those who are used to eating “blenderized” or mashed food. In eating liquified food, they simply swallow what’s fed to them. When they start eating “adult” food, they tend to let the food sit in their mouths because they’re not used to chewing.


    To correct this, Dr. Cua-Lobo suggests you “restart solid feeding by mashing the food but leaving some small particles behind. Try feeding lugaw or porridge first before teaching them how to chew rice. Reward the child for a job well done: his ability to chew.” She adds, “Don’t give a spoonful of rice followed by a gulp of water, and don’t always give food that the child prefers so he could explore other types of food.”



    • Elena Cua-Lobo, M.D., M.P.H., pediatric pulmonologist, Sta. Cruz, Manila


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