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  • Physical Development
    • Can lift head and move it from side to side
    • Head initially flops when held in a sitting position; can hold head in line with back by end of the month
    • Reflexively controls arm, leg, and hand movements
    • Sleeps between 19 and 20 hours a day
    • Feeds around eight times a day
    • Moves bowels regularly and periodically
    • Swallows and roots by reflex
    • Gets startled spontaneously
    • Hands are usually fisted, or are slightly open
    • Thrusts arms and legs when playing
    • Starts rolling partly from her back to side by end of the month
    • Eyesight is still rather fuzzy, as babies are born nearsighted; sees things best when they are about eight to 10 inches away

    Cognitive and Mental Development
    • Can distinguish between light and dark; blinks at bright lights whether eyes are closed or not
    • Sees black-and-white patterns
    • Is sensitive to the direction of sound
    • Can distinguish volume and pitch of sounds, likes high-toned voices
    • Detects sweet and bitter tastes; prefers sweet already (and recognizes the sweet taste of Mommy’s breast milk, too)
    • May root for breast, even when not breastfeeding
    • Recognizes the smell of Mommy and her milk
    • Turns head away if she smells something unpleasant
    • Cries for assistance
    • Quiets when she is picked up or held, when she sees faces, as a response to firm, steady pressure, or when she is spoken to gently
    • May stop sucking to look at something
    • Shuts out disturbing stimuli by sleeping
    • Expression is mostly vague and impassive during waking hours

    Social and Emotional Development

    • Responds positively to gentle, loving, and soothing voices
    • Can exhibit excitement and distress
    • Tries to focus on human face or voice, eventually starts staring at faces
    • May clutch at a person holding her
    • Begins to make eye contact
    • In later weeks, adjusts posture to body of person holding her

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