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  • Your Newborn and You: Month-by-month Milestones & Playtime Safety Tips

    Making each day count on your first year together.
    by Maan Pamaran .
  • newborn babyYour first year with your baby will probably be the most exhausting and the most exhilarating 12 months that you will ever spend with each other. It is a period of discovery, not only for baby, but also for you as a parent. The first year is a journey of growth and development, and here, pediatrician Genia Garcia, M.D., of Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center, shares important milestones for each quarter marker. Along with our list of baby achievements, with additional information from the books Your Baby’s First Year by Steven P. Shelov and Nelson’s Textbook of Pediatrics, we share tips on what you can do at each stage to stimulate baby’s growth and boost parent-child bonding,

    1st Quarter Milestone Markers

    Month 1: The adjustment stage

    • Hearing and sense of smell are already developed. He already recognizes some sounds and the smell of his mother’s breast milk.
    • Although vision is still blurred, there is visual preference for human faces, and baby can make eye contact. There is also a preference for black and white patterns.
    • Much of his activity is reflexive: he makes jerky, quivering arm thrusts, and brings hands within range of his eyes and mouth.
    • Moves his head from side to side while lying in prone position.

    Month 2: Getting settled

    • Holds chin up, lifts head momentarily, and turns it from side to side.
    • Eyes can work together to move and focus on an object, and can follow moving objects to a 180 degrees turn. He has strong preference for primary colors.
    • Smiles at the sound of familiar voices  
    • Soothes himself by sucking his hand
    • Makes sounds other than crying

    Month 3: Exploring the world

    • Reaches toward objects, and waves at a toy that is held before him
    • He has early head control, but his head still bobs when he is pulled to sitting position.
    • Taste buds are starting to develop.
    • Cries less often as he starts to mumble and coo
    • Mom’s voice or soft music can calm him down.
    • Can open and close his hands and kick his legs


    Click here to learn more about bonding opportunities and more month-by-month newborn milestones.

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