• Your SP Convention 2017 Shopping Guide: Baby Essentials

    We've got promos and discounts so you can shop for baby to your heart's content.
    by Rachel Perez .
  • Your SP Convention 2017 Shopping Guide: Baby Essentials
  • The second you become pregnant we bet you found yourself already making a mental list of what your baby will need, from cute onesies to developmental toys. You're more likely to bring home stuff for your baby than for yourself. Yes, it's going to be tough shopping, but someone has to do it, right? We'd like to help! We've come up with a shopping guide for our "Smart Parenting Convention," happening on July 29, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the SM Megamall Mega Trade Hall 2 (tickets are priced at P100 and available to purchase at smtickets.com). 

    Not only will you be able to listen and learn from different talks at the SP Convention, but there will also be as many as 70 retailers! Here is a teaser for the baby stuff you'll find. There’s a lot more to find on July 29! (Click here to check out our pregnancy essential shopping guide.)

    1. Sleep essentials

    The Miracle Blanket is a pediatrician-recommended alternative to traditional swaddling. It helps to calm fussy babies aged zero to 14 weeks and soothe them to sleep.

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get 10% off for cash purchase of the Miracle Blanket.

    The Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround Infant Sleeper gives your baby his own sleeping space that you can bring anywhere. There's even a model that has a sound and light feature. 

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Discounts on purchases made on the day of the SP Convention.

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    The Inua Bumper Bed by CreamHaus can be used by your baby from birth until age 7. Set up the tent and the toddler can use it as a playhouse, fortress, or a reading nook.

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get 10% off on any CreamHaus products.

    The Zyji baby bedding collection is a seven-piece set that includes hypoallergenic premium pillows, comforter, and pillowcases and bolster cases made of 100-percent premium Egyptian cotton. 

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get up to 50% off on all Zyji baby products.

    2. Bath essentials

    The Cuddledry Apron Baby Towel is made from a mix cotton and bamboo for softness and provides a snuggly and absorbent cocoon for baby. It also designed to make bath time easier. 

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get 15% off the whole Cuddledry range. They're also giving away Php1,000 worth of products for the raffle draw.

    3. Baby care products

    Little Tree (lotion, balm, cream, powder, massage oil) is a line of safe, eco-friendly baby care products made from natural ingredients with extracts and formulas that are gentle, mild and hypoallergenic.


    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Buy any one Little Tree product and get one for free.

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    Babyganics Organic Lip & Face Balm and Face, Hand & Baby Wipes do not contain any ingredients that are toxic or harmful. You’re sure that each product is gentle yet effective. 

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Free Babyganics Organic Lip & Face Balm (valued at Php 375) for every Php 2,000 worth of single-receipt purchases of Babyganics products.

    4. Sterilizer

    Ecomom sterilizer eliminates 99.9% of bacteria using ultraviolet-C light. You can use it to wash and dry bottles, nipples, pacifiers, breast pump parts, utensils, plates, and teething toys, even mobile phones, remote controls, and stuffed toys.

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get 10% off on any Ecomom sterilizer models.

    5. Cleaning products that are safe for baby

    Nature to Nurture cleaning products lets you clean thoroughly without the harsh chemicals. They have products for cleaning bottles, clothes and multi-purpose cleaners to use around the house. 

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get 10% discount for any one single Nature to Nurture product and 15% off for a minimum purchase of three products.

    Little Tree also has a line for cleaning baby products and the home to make sure baby is protected from germs and also from harmful chemicals common cleaning product may contain. 

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Buy any one Little Tree product and get one for free.

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    6. Baby teething and dental care products 

    When your baby starts teething, the Yummy Mitt Glow in the Dark Teething Mitten will let your baby feel like he's sucking in his own hand. It's made from safe, non-toxic materials. 

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Discounts on purchases made on the day of the SP Convention.

    ChewyBeads was created to give moms a fab and functional accessory for teething babies. They are certified food safe and chew safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), hypoallergenic, and are toxic free. 

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get 5% discount on all ChewyBeads purchases, plus a free chewybeads pouch for a minimum purchase of P2,000.

    Little Tree has its own line dental care essentials, such as gentle and soft toothbrushes made especially for baby's delicate gums and baby teeth and safe toothpaste in fruity flavors.  

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Buy any one Little Tree product and get one for free.

    7. Soothing products for baby

    Doterra Therapy essentials oils that are made safe for baby Lavender helps calm and improve sleep; peppermint helps boost your baby's energy. Lemon is a natural detoxifying agent. 


    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get the 4-piece baby essentials set for only P990 instead of the regular price of P1,390.

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    Babyganics Cold Relief Chest Rub is a natural blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender to soothe your little one and get rid of the sniffles. Its Soothing Protective Ointment is petroleum-free that moisturizes baby's skin. 

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Free Babyganics Organic Lip & Face Balm (valued at Php 375) for every Php 2,000 worth of single-receipt purchases of Babyganics products.

    Little Tree's natural protection series comes in spray and gel form to ward off mosquitos. Its soothing relief solution and herbal ointment takes care of the bites.

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get less 20% when you buy the Little Tree hypoallergenic and natural protection series.

    8. Travel essentials

    Zyji stroller pads add style & comfort to your strollers. Its slide-fit design slot for your straps makes it easy to install. Just slide and lock your straps and you are ready to go!

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get up to 50% off on all Zyji baby products.

    Mamaway's NASA-certified universal pram liner give optimal thermal comfort for babies when they're out and about. It is also shockproof to ensure a comfortable and smoother ride for your little one! 

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Buy any three products from Mamaway and get 20% off. 

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    The Mifold Booster Seat is mighty small and mighty strong. It's the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat in the world. It may be ten times smaller that a regular car booster seat, but it's just as safe!

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get Mifold for only P3,500 instead of the usual retail price of P3,850. Buy three for only P10,000 instead of the usual price of P11,550.

    8. Diapers

    Baby Leaf is a complete cloth diapering system that offers adjustable cloth diapers, inserts for every stage, wet bags for soiled nappies and clothes or swimsuits, baby bag organizers, swim diapers and potty trainers.

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Buy three and one for free for Baby Leaf cloth diapers.

    9 Toys!

    The Urban Mom Store offers a wide array of infant and baby toys such as wooden toys, cloth books, soft toys, and other educational toys. 

    #SPConvention2017 exclusive! Get less 10% on select toys.

    Check out our #SPConvention2017 shopping guides each week until the big day on July 29! See you there!

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