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  • Kids can get so techy nowadays that some would be glued to their tablet or phone unless you pry it away from them. If you want your child to learn while playing with their techy toy, here are a couple of options to try:  

    Onanoff BuddyPhones, P1,384.75, Toys R Us  
    If your little ones can’t spend the day without watching their videos on your phone or tablet, these headphones can make it more comfortable for them to listen. It keeps the volume down to 85 decibels, so it won’t hurt or damage your children’s ears. It also has a built-in audio splitter, so your child can share what they’re listening to or watching with up to four “buddies.” They come in super cute colors, too!  


    Ubooly Magical Stuffed Animal, P1,999.75, Toys R Us 
    Recommended for kids between the ages of 4 to 8 years old, this stuffed toy has an app, and it will help your child learn new words or go to sleep. New educational games get added every month. Ubooly claims that your child will play with Ubooly “11x longer than the average toy.” 

    Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam, P1,500, Toys R Us
    Whether your kids are rolling away in their bikes or swimming underwater, the Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam should be sturdy and tough enough to withstand being in water or the hard pavement. All the photos can be downloaded directly into a computer, with matching effects, filters, and frames to boot. When not in action, the cam can be used as another gadget that’s filled with games. 

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    WowWee MiP Robot, P7,999.75, Toys R Us
    Download the app and make your own “personal” robot sing, dance, move around, light up, or even small items that you can put on top of its own built-in tray. Made for kids who are 8 and up, the MiP robot will capture your child’s imagination (and yours as well!) with how many things it can do. 

    Vex Robotics Robotic Arm, P2,999.75, Toys R Us
    If your child has a knack for any of his or her STEM subjects, give them a robot to actually build themselves. It may look complicated, but with enough focus and guidance, your child will surely be able to figure out on how to make their own robotic arm. Once built, the robotic arm works as a crane that can pick up objects, but more than that, it will teach your child valuable lessons in science, critical thinking, and focus. 


    Boogie Board Jot, P2,495, Toys R Us 
    Think of this as the Etch of Sketch of your child’s generation. The Boogie Board Jot is simply an LCD writing screen that mimics the feel of how it’s like to use and write using a pen and paper. It comes with a powerful coin-cell battery that you’ll only need to replace after 50,000 erasures—now that’s a lot of time for your child to write, doodle, draw, and create anything that they would wish to do with the Boogie Board Jot. 


    JML MindSync Virtual Reality Head Gear, P999.75, Toy Kingdom 
    Much improved from its first foray during the 90s, Virtual Reality is becoming mainstream that it’s now being offered in popular toy stores nowadays. MindSync VR comes with an app wherein you can download games to play using virtual reality. Think of it as them playing video games, only in a grander, more immersive scale. Just remember if your child suffers from motion sickness, you may have to test this out in the store first. Kids and grown-ups alike have complained of headaches and dizziness after VR using head gears.  


    LeapFrog LeapBand, P1,999.75, Toy Kingdom 
    If a smartwatch is just too pricey to give to your child just yet, a LeapFrog LeapBand will do fine to keep him or her entertained. It works a lot like a smartwatch, because it’s got built-in games and it also acts as an activity tracker, encouraging them to walk more, reminds them to eat healthier, or to go outside and play, among other things.


    BB-8 Sphero, P12,500, Rustan’s 
    Your little Star Wars fan will go crazy over this—a BB-8 that they can use the “Force” on. Wear the Force Band, sync it with your BB-8, and watch it move around with the way your hand moves, just like you’re using the force on it, yes, just like a Jedi Knight. It actually works via Bluetooth, and you can also choose to download the app and control BB-8 from there. But if you ask us, the Force Band will make you feel more like a Jedi than simply using your phone. 


    Instax Mini 8, starts at P3,499, at Toy Kingdom
    Sure your child can snap away selfies and photos like a pro using your phone or theirs, but actual photos that you can hold in your hands or proudly display is an experience like no other. An Instax Mini gives your child the feel of film without needing to go through the process of having someone else develop the pictures for them. Plus, the film frames come in cute designs too, or your child can have fun doodling or designing it himself or herself. 

    Photos by Lai de Guzman and Mark Jesalva

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