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  • 4 Reasons Why Healthy Kids Make Happy Families

    Families benefit greatly from having well-nourished and healthy children. Find out why.
  • When a child is sick, the ripple effect on the rest of the family can be challenging. Having to stay home from work to care for a sick child, making sure other family members do not catch any virus, and watching your child for various signs and symptoms 24/7 could take its toll on parents.

    On the other hand, when your child is armed with a strong immune system to fight sickness and all kinds of infections, the benefits to your family go way beyond than just doing away with the gloomy atmosphere at home when someone is feeling under the weather.

    Here are four reasons why healthy children make the entire family happy:


    1. Good health means more energy for bonding activities

    A child with a strong immune system has the energy to be up for anything. A healthy child can actively join and enjoy road trips, family reunions, or playgroups. Your child won't have to miss out on anything and will have fun memories to look back on when he/she is older. 



    2. Less sick days mean more time for outdoor fun

    Just because your child is sick doesn’t mean everyone else should stay at home too, right? Not really. If one of your children has to stay home, the chances that siblings will be able to go out for a sports activity or a simple trip to the mall may also be hampered. It can get frustrating but of course, you need to be there for your sick child when he/she is down with colds or the flu. 


    3. Healthy kids will do well in school and leads to less stress for child and parents

    If a child stays healthy, the effects on his/her performance at school are likely to be positive as well. A healthy child isn’t stressed about homework or worried about catching up on lessons. This means less stress for parents, too since you need not worry that your child needs to catch up on school work.


    4. Routines like chores and activities don’t get disrupted

    A regular family usually has their daily and weekend schedules down pat. These include after-school activities, playtime, and even housework or chores. Having a sick child can disrupt these routines and cause frustration among family members. On the contrary, if your child is 100% ready to take on the day’s activities, no one needs to miss a music lesson or a soccer game.

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    Make sure you and your family enjoys the benefits of having healthy children at home. Give them three balanced meals everyday and BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink, which now contains 100% Vitamin C and high levels of Iron and Zinc—nutrients needed to help strengthen your children’s immune system to help avoid illness or infection. 

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