• 4 Secrets Only Outdoorsy Kids Know
    "Sports do not build character. They reveal it." -John Wooden, Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach
  • Any parent in this era of Internet and Social Media can relate to having some difficulty when it comes to bringing their children outside for some sun. Even when kids are outside, they still have their tablets and laptops with them – which defeat the whole purpose of being outdoors.

    Although video games help improve your child's problem solving skills and develop his hand-eye coordination, outdoor games still offer much more. Here are a couple of things only outdoorsy kids know.

    Outdoorsy kids have more chance of being physically fit

    According to the World Health Organization, obesity in kids is on the rise in the Philippines, among other countries in the world. Overweight and obese children are more likely to stay obese into their adulthood. Making sure your child gets enough exercise can help him maintain the ideal weight for his height and age. Also, children who learn about the importance of physical exercise and outdoor activities early on, are more able to stay fit and healthy through their adult life.

    Kids who love the outdoors can develop a longer attention span

    Kids who choose video games over physical sports tend to sit back and watch rather than explore and participate when it comes to learning new things. Improving your child's attention span through outdoor sports not only helps him focus, it also makes him more patient and tolerant.

    Outdoorsy kids have more chance to grow socially and intellectually 

    Outdoor play enriches your child's creativity. Going outside also allows your kids to interact with children their age, which gives them the opportunity to learn how to work in groups. It also helps them understand the value of sharing, teamwork, resolving conflicts and negotiating.

    The outdoors have a great effect on kids' studies

    If your child spends too much time playing video games, he may find it difficult to focus on his studies. Video games can also be addictive and playing too much of it can affect your child's concentration. If he plays more sports over video games, he will have more academically oriented friends and he will have greater connections at school. He is also more likely to avoid risky behaviors.

    Outdoorsy can develop excellent communication skills

    If you let your child play computer games indoors all day long, he misses out on the opportunity to mingle with kids his age. With video games, he doesn't need to talk much, which might take a toll on his vocabulary. Kids who play outside learn to invent, enforce and communicate rules – which is necessary for him to be able to get the confidence he needs to interact with other people and to express himself in all sorts of situations.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that kids spend no more than 2 hours each day on screen time, that is, watching TV and playing video games. So this summer break, encourage your child to spend more time outdoors by regulating the time he spends online. You can also send him to summer camp or enroll him on programs like the MILO® Summer Sports Clinics. This is an annual event that encourages school children to spend this summer learning champion sports moves and champion values like determination, discipline, teamwork and more. Enroll your kid now! Check the schedules here











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