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  • 5 Common Worries of Parents

    Do you worry a lot about your kids, too?
  • Conscientious parents make their children a top priority. It’s no surprise that they constantly worry over a variety of things when it comes to their children.


    What are parents' most common worries? Here are six that parents might experience:


    1. Fussy Eating

    Parents worry over their children who are picky about what they eat. Understandably, you want your child to get enough nutrition to fuel your child's every day activities and have enough energy. Most parents have had to go through mealtime battles to feed their children fruits and vegetables and meet the Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes (RENI).

    Don’t stress over it. Your negative energy will rub off on your child and instead of convincing your child, you may turn him/her off to eating healthy altogether. Live by example; eat your fruits and vegetables as well. Avoid beverages with high sugar content. If your child does not eat healthy food for breakfast, try to convince him/her again at lunch, then try again during dinner. 


    To ensure your child gets the right nutrition, do not forget to include a glass of BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink with his/her meal every day. Each glass now contains 100% Vitamin C and high levels of Iron and Zinc—all these come together to boost your child’s immunity.


    2. Being Ill-Equipped for the Real World

    It is a competitive world, even among children—or at least, among parents of children. It may worry you that your child is not developing at the same pace as his/her peers. Consequently, you may entertain bleak images of a future where your child is not able to compete in the great big world.

    Remember that each individual is unique. Your child is special because he/she is unlike anyone else. Nurture your child without lofty expectations, without using someone else’s yardstick. The only cause for concern would be if your child is developmentally-challenged and you need to consult your pediatrician who would be the best person to judge if this is the case.

    Otherwise, shower your child with love and don’t put too much pressure on the need to excel in everything. Let your child discover his own interests and celebrate them and your child will develop the right life skills to survive in the world.


    3. Not Spending Enough Time with Your Child

     Working parents need to juggle a lot of tasks and master time management. Like any good parent, you may worry about not spending enough time with your child. You may put undue pressure on yourself to be a “supermom” or “superdad” or you may try to overcompensate by buying material things for your child.

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    Don’t sweat it. Each parent tries with the time and resources available. Your child will appreciate the time you spend with him/her, as long as you are fully present. You don’t need to schedule a grand trip out-of-town, just spend time talking to your child and make him/her feel special and important.


    4. Getting Hurt or Harming Themselves

    Let’s face it: Filipino parents have raised many sheltered children. Generations of concerned parents tend to be overprotective to a fault. 

    Being overly protective about your child’s safety may deprive him/her of many experiences from which he can learn from. 

    Allow your child to explore and play in a safe environment with minimal supervision. The North Carolina State University conducted a study that shows that children become less spontaneous at play when their parents are hovering nearby. Don’t fret over a few scrapes and bruises. To a child, these are battle wounds which he can tell stories about. If you’re afraid your child will catch illnesses from exposure to elements or other children, then arm him with good nutrition so that he/she has a strong immune system. 


    5. Malnutrition

    Whether it’s obesity or being underweight, malnutrition is a reasonable parental concern. A good foundation can be established by teaching your child good eating habits early in life.



    To combat this, make healthy food readily available at home. Also, teach your child the importance of eating healthy food to help have a strong immune system and perform better, whether in school, sports or other activities. Foster healthy meal times with food that meets the Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes (RENI).


    Add BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink to every meal so you know you’re providing enough nutrition to fuel your child’s daily activities. With every glass, your child gets 100% Vitamin C and high levels of Iron and Zinc, just the right amount of nutrients to keep him healthy, active, and happy.

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