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  • 5 Tips To Be an Effective Tutor to Your Big Kid

    Here are five tutoring tips from contributor, mom and home school teacher, Vicky Alcordo. Three years of home schooling three kids has given her some valuable lessons.
    by Vicky Alcordo .
  • tutorIn tutoring or teaching one’s own big kid, what do you think the primary goal is?  Is it to master the topic and skills at hand?  Not really. In the past decade that I have been tutoring my three kids with school work, three years of which were spent teaching them through a home school program, I have come to realize that this is only the secondary goal.

    It’s all About Building Your Big Kid’s Self Esteem
    Primarily, we must help boost our big kid’s self-esteem. Once he feels more confident and assured, he will realize that with a little more perseverance and some encouraging help from us, he can indeed learn the topic that is causing him frustration and confusion.  Initially, we must assure our kids that they have not disappointed us by failing to understand the topic in question.  We must also assure them that we are there to help them, rather than chastise them.  Then, deeper and more meaningful learning begins.

    There are days, though, that being such a positive and encouraging parent-tutor just doesn’t come easy.  So, here are some tips that I have learned through the years.  I hope you find them useful and encouraging, yourself.

    Build Momentum for Mommy
    First, give yourself some momentum before the session begins.  Make sure that you allow yourself 15-30 minutes to relax and maybe have a snack and a rejuvenating cup of coffee before your tutoring session. A little prayer and meditation may also help you condition yourself that you will need a load of patience, perseverance, and above all encouraging words to give your little one.  Once, you’ve refreshed yourself from the harried pace of the day, now you can face your young scholar with a smile.  

    Be Up to Date
    Second, it wouldn’t hurt for you, as a tutor, to also be prepared for the topic that your big kid will be taking up. Try to find out from his teacher, other parents, or from his course outline what lessons he’ll be taking in the weeks to come. Review your own skills on these topics. Also try to keep abreast on the latest techniques used by other parents and teachers to make learning fun and interesting.  There are many teaching aids you can download for free from the internet too. Your own confidence level will get a boost!



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