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  • 6 Last-Minute Tips to Get the Whole Family Back Into School Mode

    Moms share tips how to get the kids ready for school each morning. What's yours?
    by Rachel Perez .
6 Last-Minute Tips to Get the Whole Family Back Into School Mode
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  • A new school year has officially begun, and for kids who have already started in school, they are probably missing the lazy days of summer. Because we too need to adjust to new schedules and routines, back-to-school season can spell trouble for everyone, and the next thing you know we're all in a cranky mood.

    A parent in a bad mood trickles down to the kids, making them anxious and nervous. It's never too late to give our school mornings a do-over. Here's how we can all calm down and have the energy to tackle each new morning.

    1. Settle your kids into their school day bedtime routine now. 
    Start by limiting screen time two hours before bedtime if you have not done so already. Better yet, take out all gadgets in the bedroom and be strict with the having the lights out, at least. Do NOT negotiate with the kids on this one. 

    "We started adjusting bedtime late, but we did what we could in the last few days. My kids went to bed and had the lights out 15 or 30 minutes earlier than the night before. It's better than trying to wake them up early during a summer vacation," shared Lisa Rey, mom of two.  

    2. Practice and be consistent with early morning routines. 
    Will your child eat breakfast first or take a bath first? Allow for 15 minutes extra time, waking up your kid every five minutes or so to make sure he doesn't fall back asleep. Instead of rushing them, give them a deadline when they should have finished taking a bath or eaten breakfast by so and so time. 

    "We always do showers first in the morning, so they're awake and can eat breakfast more quickly. Having them take a shower first also gives me time to prep the morning meal and their baon," shared Sue Espiritu, mom of two.

    3. Make a meal plan (and shop!) for the whole week ahead.
    For less frantic mornings, make sure you already know what to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It helps you know beforehand if you can have leftovers for breakfast, and eliminate daily errands to the supermarket. Prep baon the night before, if possible, and just reheat in the morning. 

    "It takes a lot of time to make a meal plan, but it really helps because it eliminates me thinking about what to eat on school and work days. I just look at my plan, and I go to work swiftly," shares Marife Cruz, mom to four kids

    4. Check your child's list of school supplies and other essentials. 
    Your school supplies shopping is probably done by now. But there's usually a last-minute requirement when the kids are actually in school. Get that shopping list done by the first weekend when school starts.

    Then check your child lunch containers, baon bag, water jug, and of course, backpack, or shoes. Make sure the labels for your child's things are updated. Prepare everything the night before.

    "Even if you invest in good products, check for wear and tear or it's at least make sure it's clean. Shine shoes. Wipe the inside of the bag and hand it open to air it out before helping your child arrange his things for the first day," shares Bernice Lazona, mom of two.

    5. Prepare uniforms or school outfits for the week.
    Make sure you won't have to wash uniforms of a school night by grouping uniforms for each school day. It saves time if your child doesn't have uniforms. 

    "My daughter's school doesn't have uniforms. On the weekends, we plan her outfits already. I bought a hanging organizer and labeled them with the days of the week. It's faster than letting her try out a few outfits every morning, or do a last-minute ironing," Joyce Rodas, 34

    6. Never tire talking to your kids about safety reminders.
    Your child will have trouble keeping track of reminders given in a rush. Discuss safety reminders beforehand. Make sure your child understands and knows who will pick him up. Instruct him never to go with anybody else and to stay inside school premises. Reminders that pertain to manners and general conduct can be written and posted your child's diary. 

    "What you say to your child before dropping him off counts, so I always remember to end on a positive note. Don't forget to reassure your child that everything is going to be fine, he will have fun, and that you love them!" suggest Esper Jimenez, mom of four. 

    What's your tried-and-tested tip to get the kids into school mode after summer? Comment down below!

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