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  • 7 Ways to Stay Close With Your Kids in the Digital Age

    Here are a couple of ways to take advantage of the technology at your fingertips!
  • Staying in touch with your kids has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the abundance of social media and messaging apps. On the one hand it is great to have access to all these platforms, but on the other, it can also be challenging. Some parents feel the abundance of technology made parenting even harder. Here are a couple of ways to break that barrier and to turn technology into an effective mommy tool instead of an enemy.

    Give a "Good Morning" shout out every single day.

    What's the first thing that most people do when they wake up in the morning? Check their phones. Become part of your children's morning routine by sending them a text or message to say good morning. It can be as straightforward as those two words or as complex as a video message—what matters is that your kids start their day on an awesome note. And what would be more awesome than their mom cheering them on?

    Have a private messaging group.

    Think of this group as your own little Facebook feed, but it's for your family's eyes only. This is where your kids can send photos of what they're doing, and you can send some cool links to articles that you would want them to check out—anything that you'd want to share with them.

    Stick to a video call schedule.

    If you live away from your children, you can still have some face-to-face time with them by using video call services, either through your smartphone, messaging apps like Facebook or Viber, or stand alone apps like Skype. Whatever the schedule may be, like twice a week or once a day, make sure to stick to it so that your kids will always have something to look forward to.

    Turn on your notifications and fix your feeds.

    If you're friends with your kids on Facebook, include them in your 'close friends' list so that you get to see their posts on top of your feed (you'll see a star beside their name). If you follow them on Instagram, turn on your notifications for them so that you’ll know when they have a new post up. Remember to like and comment!

    Make their opinion count.

    Moms can't help but gush over their children's milestones and moments, and almost instantly post these on their social media sites. Some kids don't mind, but some do and get upset over it. Whether or not your kids mind, ask them if it's okay to post the photo before you do it. Most kids, even those as young as three, will have an opinion about it and it shows that you respect their privacy and individuality and that you trust their opinion.

    This will also be a good time to talk to them about some ground rules when it comes to online use, like how to stay safe from cyberbullying and how to maintain an "online persona" that is true to who they really are. When school starts, you can nominate your child or children's schools to the Digital Thumbprint program of Globe Telecom.

    The program is designed to increase high school students' knowledge of digital citizenship and cyber safety by taking a look at their online behavior and helping them develop insights into the influences of the online world and the choices they are making when it comes to their use of the internet. Check out the program here. You can also nominate your child's school by emailing bridgecom@globe.com.ph.





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