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  • 9 Online Resources for Your Big Kid

    Here are some websites that you can visit to help your big kid for downloadable worksheets, activities and more to help your big kid with his homework.
    by Kachela Albert-Mariano .
  • kid on computerYour big kid has now come to a stage in his development when he needs more, new, and validated information. The internet provides easy access for you to help him get this information and, thus, impart new knowledge. The following are some sites you may want to visit whenever you or your big kid needs help with homework or may simply want to gain knowledge:

    1. Gamequairum
    If your child loves computer games, then let him try this website. Gamequarium gives you easy access to different sites that offer games for different levels. It also enables you to choose the skills you want to enhance. Try this website by following the link below: http://www.gamequarium.org

    2. Softschools
    If you need downloadable worksheets that your child can practice with as part of his studying routine or as part of his review before exams, then this site may be best for you. It allows you to choose the level, the subject, and the specific topics.  The topics offered in this website are relatively wide that you may be able to find worksheets that would be quite similar to what your child’s school provides. 

    3. IXL
    This website’s focus is on enhancing mathematical skills from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade skills. Similar to the previous website, IXL provides practice to enhance most of the skills or topics found in any school curriculum.

    4. Handwriting  for Kids
    Your big kid may need some help in practicing his handwriting --whether the manuscript or the cursive kind. What’s good about this site is that it does not simply have boring worksheets that your child can trace. It also offers worksheets that would enable him to practice writing and completing sentences or writing and increasing his vocabulary at the same time.



    Click here to see more online resources for your big kid.

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