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  • Bettina Carlos Reminds Herself to 'Praise Effort, Not Perfection' in Homeschooling Gummy

    The celebrity mompreneur, who just started homeschooling, shares how she uses activities to teach her daughter different life lessons.
    by Rachel Perez .
Bettina Carlos Reminds Herself to 'Praise Effort, Not Perfection' in Homeschooling Gummy
PHOTO BY Lai De Guzman
  • Mompreneur and single parent Bettina Carlos is taking on a huge task this year as she begins homeschooling her 7-year-old daughter Gummy, who previously attended a big school. You'll be inspired by how well both of them are doing, even if it's not always perfect. 

    Homeschooling could be a daunting task for many parents, but the benefits to them and the child are tremendous. It is both a learning experience and a commitment that entails a lot of work. But for Bettina, being able to spend time with Gummy and seeing how her love for learning is fueling her curiosity makes it all worth it. 

    The mom-and-daughter duo began their schoolyear with Gummy defining her goals before the first day. "I didn't think she needs those until our adviser told me yesterday. I thought only I, as the primary educator, need such for assessing her," she wrote on Instagram.

    Based on Bettina's post, Gummy's goals include understanding more words in Filipino, learning more about our country's food, and learning about the Bible, to name a few. In the end, she wrote. "My goal is not to talk when Mommy's talking," which made Bettina laugh. 

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    Bettina also wanted to organize their school and art supplies. "When our kids see how we value our things and organize our surroundings, they too become inclined to do or maintain it even when their natural tendency is to make a mess all day errday!" she added.

    Lastly, before formally beginning the year, Bettina and Gummy worked on finalizing their homeschooling rules. "WE made OUR rules. Not just me," Bettina stressed. "You will be surprised at what your children will write if you do this with them too," she added. They ended up with simple but practical rules: to listen, smile, and get rid of all distractions, wait your turn to speak, and of course, enjoy! 

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    On Day 1 of Bettina and Gummy's homeschooling adventure, the solo mom jumpstarted their morning with a serving of Gummy's requested "baon," just like what she had when she was still in Kinder: bacon, egg, rice, and banana for dessert. "A happy brekky always made my day. I know it makes hers, too," the celebrity mom wrote.  


    Bettina revealed that serving Gummy proper breakfast is one of the perks of homeschooling that she really liked. "We can have a nice sit-down unhurried breakfast," the actress said, adding that she didn't want Gummy eating the most important meal of the day in the car—something they probably had to do before because of the traffic so they could get to school on time. 

    And how did the first day go? "No tears," Bettina quipped. Gummy really loved learning with her mom. "My obedient and honoring daughter said five times today: "I LOOOOVE HOMESCHOOLING MOM!!!" she shared. 

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    "If you think homeschooling is literally just studying at home it's not. It is actually allowing your children to explore and experience the bigger tangible world outside of the traditional classroom—whether in a school building or at home," Bettina wrote on an Instagram post. Below are some homeschooling techniques from her and Gummy.


    Gummy learned the days of the week with the help of a calendar her mom made. "Today's Math output: to test how well she knows the days of the week and determine if a month has 30 or 31 days," Bettina shared. They also had their Physical Education lessons at the clubhouse pool, which Gummy really enjoyed!

    Gummy's Health lesson on the food pyramid included a practical application: shopping by food groups. "I was wondering what [Gummy] would get for protein. Kala ko eggs, haha! Aba nanghingi ng isda! Good job baby!" Bettina wrote. Gummy also got one bag of chips, which she labeled "happy food."

    Creating an extension for her dollhouse turned into a lesson on measurement, patience, and perseverance. Making a chore chart is a lesson on responsibility, hard work, and time management. Since Gummy is interested in jumping rope, Bettina will most likely use that as a tool also in the future. 


    Even their morning routine is filled with learnings. Gummy gets to learn more about Jesus and other Bible characters, finding pages and verses, and looking for a word in the dictionary. By doing so she is also increasing her vocabulary while practicing reading, comprehension, writing and thought and sentence composition when she looks up a word she doesn't understand and uses it in a sentence. 

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    "[It] sounds like a lot of work but it's integrated simultaneous seamless learning for us. And she doesn't notice that it's three subjects already," Bettina shared. 

    "Pag hindi mo na kaya, ipikit mo na, besh. Okay lang," she captioned a photo of herself taking a nap after reading 14 chapters of Gummy's Math book. She fell asleep studying it so she could plan how to teach the lessons to Gummy. 

    The hands-on mom is taking it one day at a time. Bettina knows her hard work is rewarded because as Gummy learns more about the world around her, satisfying her curiosity, developing different interests, and honing different skills, so does she. 


    "Its not to just get the job done but cherishing the sweet slow-paced learning moment with my child. Even tho the perfectionist in me was nagging me to step in and take over, I had to let her so she will learn. I was consciously reminding myself to praise effort, not perfection," she wrote in a post on Instagram. 

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