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  • Are You Criticizing Your Kids Too Much?

    Have you considered that maybe you’re judging your child too harshly?
Are You Criticizing Your Kids Too Much?
  • Are you becoming that scary, too-strict parent you never thought you’d be? Do you scold your child not because you want her to learn from her mistakes but because you fear being embarrassed in public? Do you find yourself often comparing your son or daughter to other kids?

    Raising kids right is a challenge every mom has to face, but with it comes an unhealthy tendency to set too high standards or have unrealistic expectations for children to live up to.

    Be mindful of these moments when you’re judging your child too quickly.

    1. When you compare your child with other kids

    Pitting your child against other kids in any capacity can be damaging, whether you’re comparing their physical, mental, or even emotional abilities. Constantly measuring your child against her peers is harmful to her self-esteem. This sends a message that you think your child isn’t enough.

    Remember, you are raising a unique little human—she will learn to eat by herself, or reach that academic milestone all in her own time.

    2. When you see your kid fighting with another child

    Ever catch yourself hurriedly apologizing to another mom after witnessing your child grab a toy that isn’t hers, push a playmate, or yell at someone? Before you scold your child, give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Moms are often so afraid of keeping up appearances that they fail to consider what was really going on. Listen to the story from your child’s point of view before automatically blaming her.

    3. When your child makes a mess

    Parents are often frustrated when they see their kids dirty because it reflects badly on them.

    This is what Breeze found out after it conducted a social experiment to find out how a mom would react when she learned her daughter was called to the principal's office.

    There, the mom saw her child looking dirty and unkempt in her paint-splattered uniform.

    There were many possibilities for her daughter’s dirty appearance, yet the mom instantly assumed her child did something wrong because she was called to the principal's office. It didn’t help that other adults were thinking the same, too.

    As the video revealed, there was a perfectly innocent, even admirable story behind her daughter’s messy appearance. The mom realized that in this instance, dirt can actually be useful.

    When it comes to disciplining your kids, don’t let your temper get the best of you. Listen to your children and try to see the good in them.

    It’s also good to let your kids be kids. Allow them to explore, learn, and even make mistakes so they can grow up independent and well-adjusted.

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