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Here's Why We Know Ellie Eigenmann Is Going to Be an Amazing Ate
PHOTO BY Courtesy of @andieigengirl/Instagram
  • Andi Eigenmann has given birth to her new baby girl!

    To reveal the happy news, Andi’s boyfriend Philmar Alipayo shared a photograph of himself with the newborn in his arms. He captioned the photo “amo babaje,” a Bisaya phrase which means “my girl.” He also shared a short clip of Andi cradling the baby while her firstborn Ellie walked around her mom’s hospital bed.

    Andi has also shared a few photographs of her firstborn meeting her sister for the very first time and just hanging out in her hospital room.

    Andi captured the sweet moment when she woke up to Ellie gazing lovingly at her new baby sister.
    PHOTO BY @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories
    "My best girl," Andi captions this photo of her firstborn next to her in the hospital room.
    PHOTO BY @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories

    Throughout her pregnancy, Andi has been talking to Ellie about being an Ate, and it sure looks like Ellie is more than ready for her new role! Here are a few reasons why we know 7-year-old Ellie is going to be an amazing big sister.

    Ellie has been taking care of her mom since the early days of her pregnancy

    In the early weeks of her pregnancy, Andi shared a throwback photo of 2-month-old Ellie and wrote, “I must say, I still have my fears and worries at being a new mom once again. But having Ellie and seeing the person she is turning out to be reminds me that although I will never be perfect, I know I’m doing some things right!”

    Andi continued by sharing that Ellie had already been very into taking care of her mom at the time and that she even had her own pregnancy app! If Ellie was that hands-on when her mom was still expecting, we’re sure she’s going to be even more active in caring for her little sister.

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    Ellie is excited herself

    Another reason why we just know Ellie is going to be an incredible Ate: She herself is very excited about the arrival of the new baby! “I am extremely grateful to have Ellie by my side through this pregnancy,” Andi wrote in one post. “Everything becomes much more special because I know how excited she is to become a big sister, and I know she will be as great to her as she has been to me and everyone she loves.”

    Ellie is goofy and fun-loving


    Our siblings are the best people to get silly with. Similarly, our sibling’s goofiness can rub off on us. Ellie, who seems to enjoy having fun and being silly, will surely share that love for fun with her new sister.

    Ellie has a bright outlook on life

    A positive attitude is another thing that we can learn from the people we spend the most time with. Andi has written that her 7-year-old firstborn “knows how to always look at the brighter side of everything—to accept that this world is not perfect, and we have no control over it.”

    Ellie loves to play and explore


    Since living in Siargao Island, Ellie’s life has been filled with limitless opportunities to play and explore her surroundings — and she has been doing just that! Several photos on Andi’s Instagram show Ellie surfing, climbing trees, swimming in the ocean, and playing in the sand. In one particular post, Andi talked about how much she enjoys being Ellie’s companion as she goes on her little island adventures. Andi continued by sharing that sharing these experiences with her firstborn brings out her own love for exploring.

    “It’s fun to rediscover and [re-explore] the things I learned about the world inside the classroom years ago,” the now-mother-of-two wrote. “Only this time, I get to experience them all myself, and even sweeter because I get to do it with this little one.” Now they have a brand new addition to their little group of explorers!

    Ellie has a knack for cooking


    If you follow Andi’s Instagram account, there’s a good chance you already know that she is also a vlogger. To date, there are only three videos on her YouTube account, all of which are videos where she shares several healthy recipes. Two of these videos feature Ellie helping her out while she makes banana bread and vegan birthday cake — and it sure looks like they enjoyed their creations! We can only hope that they will continue sharing more videos where both Ellie and the new baby help their momma out in the kitchen.

    Ellie has a beautiful relationship with Philmar and his kids

    Ellie appears to have a close bond not only with her mom but also with Andi’s boyfriend Philmar and his son. In a photo on Philmar’s Instagram account, the family of four poses on the beach. The photograph is accompanied by a short but sweet caption where Philmar says that he will never get tired of making his family happy every day. Swoon!

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