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    Continued from Part 5

    Pam Cadiz, fulltime mom to Paul, 10, and Sam, 8, says she and her husband Sanny choose to homeschool their kids primarily because they want to “teach them about God, develop and improve their relationship (parents with children), and help their kids have a mastery of their subjects/lessons while focusing on their passions/strengths.”

    The couple enrolled their kids in Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA) five years ago and have been with them ever since. “We chose CFA as our homeschool provider because of the program they offer and the support they give to parents,” Pam shares.
    “When it comes to homeschooling, we really don’t have a ‘regular’ schedule, but more or less we start around 10-11 a.m.,” she divulges. “I make it a point that the kids enjoy an hour of free play before we start our lessons for the day.”
    Pam adds that her son is a kinesthetic learner, so she gives him frequent breaks after each subject.

    “Every day I teach Christian Life Education (CLE), Math, Reading, Language and Filipino. Then I teach Science and Sibika twice a week,” she says. She usually spends 30 minutes to an hour per subject, but if she sees that the child may already understand the concept, she moves on to the next subject.  

    Being confident in one’s self, focusing on what’s important
    Since Pam is not a teacher by profession, she admits to lacking “the confidence to teach” certain lessons and subjects.

    Still, she can’t help feeling accomplished and joyful when she sees her children apply all the lessons she has taught them and “how they make decisions based on their faith.”
    “I believe my children are enjoying homeschooling because, for them, the most important thing is we are always together, learning and discovering new things,” Pam says.

    “I have been homeschooling my children for five years now and I can say I am still learning a lot. Since we are together every day, I have the opportunity to get to know my children,” she adds. “I can say I have a good relationship with them because we are open with one another.”  

    Even if their homeschooling journey has ups and downs, Pam says that they all learn from their “mistakes.”  

    “We don’t stop learning at four o’clock in the afternoon because our homeschooling is 24/7, and we try to learn new things in every opportunity,” she shares.


    Homeschool if you feel called to do it
    For those who may be exploring homeschooling, Pam says they should definitely do it “if they feel they are called to do it.”  

    “We live in a different age where so many factors can and will influence our children, whether we like it or not,” Pam adds. “ Home education helps me pass on to my children the values I want to put in their heart.”

    Pam ends by saying that because it is her duty as a parent to teach her kids about God and His ways, she is creating a strong foundation for their faith.  “Homeschooling my children does not exempt nor shield them from hardships and trials, but will help them in facing all of their challenges with strong faith and confidence.”

    What are your thoughts on homeschooling? Feel free to share them with us by leaving a comment below!

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