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  • Help Your Child Ace Her Exams! 5 Doable Tips and Fun Reviewers

    Help him ace that big exam with some creative and easy activities.
    by Dedet Reyes Panabi .
Help Your Child Ace Her Exams! 5 Doable Tips and Fun Reviewers
  • Do you and your child fight whenever it’s time to study for a big exam? Here are some ways that turn reviewing into a fun game. Your child will learn faster, remember more, and you’ll feel less stressed too. We even found downloadable templates that create super creative reviewers in just a few clicks. 

    #1 Make him move 
    "When there's movement involved, kids are more likely to remember facts than when they're just sitting at a table, skimming textbook information," says Ann K. Dolin,  author of Homework Made Simple: Tips, Tools, and Solutions for Stress-Free Homework. Throw a beach ball back and forth with your child as she recites AP or science facts. Or, make your child go to the end of the room and call out questions. He jumps forward when he gets the right answer, or back when he gets the wrong answer. The jumping also wakes him up!

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    #2 Make Powerpoint Games
    Download these easy Powerpoint templates where you present classroom questions in the formats of Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, or Deal or No Deal. Just customize with your categories (“I’ll take Science and Nutrition for P200, Alec”) and add the facts. 

    #3 Make a word search
    You can make any word list into a word search game at Puzzlemaker. It’s fully customizable (you can specify the size of the puzzle and whether you want some words to share letters), and you just type in the words you want included. 

    #4 Make pretty flashcards
    Go to Flashcard Online, and make your own cards quickly! Just select how many cards you want to make, whether you want text only or add an image, then you can just type or drag and drop images. Click “print” and you’re good to go!

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    #5 Take turns at flash cards
    You can make or buy flash cards, but the way to make it fun is to let your child test you! Pretend to make a mistake or get confused, and let him correct you. And if your child gets bored with cards, get their attention with chocolate! Pour out a bag of M&Ms or Chocnut and divide into two piles (one for each of you). He gets one piece when he answers right or if he manages to “correct” you. 

    Here are additional tips from teachers: 

    • Take a five-minute break every 20 minutes. “That’s the average attention span of a preschooler. If you push too much he will get frustrated and will not remember anything,” says tutor Arvin Verano. 
    • Teach test-taking skills. Remind your child to read instructions and check answers. “A lot of kids just guess what they need to do from the pictures. Doublecheck if he knows what certain Filipino instructions mean,” says grade one teacher Agnes Ruiz. 
    • Don’t let them eat while studying. “Feed him before you study, but don’t allow mindless snacking while reviewing. It distracts them and teaches them to stress eat,” says Verano.
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