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  • Monkey Puppets: Study Activity for Your Big Kid Using Different Learning Styles

    Try out this fun learning activity that engages your child in different aspects and find out his favorite learning style.
    by An-Marie Bartolome-Villarin .
  • In another article, learning styles and multiple intelligences were tackled. However, To facilitate the best learning possible for your big kid, first create the environment that works best for the him (i.e., quiet versus not-so-quiet, bright lighting versus dim, and so forth). 
    Next, prepare materials based on your big kid’s preferred learning style(s).  Take into account that it is also good for children to develop the other styles as well for a more well-rounded approach to learning.  However, focus more on the style that your child is most comfortable with.
    Below is a study activity on addition and subtraction using a familiar story such as “Five Little Monkeys” incorporating all the learning styles (with the exception of interpersonal when tutoring only one child).
    What you need:
    Book 6 monkey puppets (can be simple stick puppets made of a monkey cutout and tongue depressors); one for an art activity and five for dramatization.Several monkey cutouts, a pocket chart, and word problems written on strips of paper for the counting activity 
    What to do:
    1. Read the book using the monkey puppets for added effect.
    2. Invite the child to put together and decorate her own monkey puppet using glue and shredded brown yarn or brown crayon shavings.
    3. Do the following fun activities:
    a. Do some finger-play to teach the concept of “taking away” (or subtraction) while reading from the book.
    b. Use the pocket chart and the monkey cut outs for this activity. Prepare simple word problems about monkeys jumping on the bed, hanging on trees, eating bananas, etc. Place the correct number of monkey cut-outs on the pocket chart based on the start of your word problem. Remove or add the appropriate number according to the subtraction/addition part of your word problem.
    Word problem: 5 monkeys were jumping on the bed. 2 fell down. How many are left? I will take away 2 from the group. So, 5 minus 2 equals? (Write the equation on the word problem as you say this)8 monkeys are hanging on the trees. 3 more joined them. How many are they all together? I will add 3 to the group.  So, 8 plus 3 equals? (Write the equation on the word problem as you say this) 
    This study activity engages your big kid using different learning styles: visual (via the book and the visual representation of the puppets), auditory (via your story telling), verbal (via the word problems that you wrote down), tactile/ kinesthetic (via the exercise of touching and manipulating the monkey puppets), logical (via the math problem), and interpersonal (via your one-on-one interaction with your child). Observe which learning style your child uses most.

    SOURCE: Dunn, R., and Dunn, K. (1978). Teaching students through their individual learning styles. Reston, VA: Reston Publishing Company, Inc.

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