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  • Preparing Future-Ready Kids at Diliman Preparatory School

    A school is more than just a place to gain academic knowledge—it is a second home, a place where talents and skills are cultivated and personalities are developed.
Preparing Future-Ready Kids at Diliman Preparatory School
  • Diliman Preparatory School (DPS), a private, non-sectarian educational institution in Quezon City, supports the total, holistic development of the child. Its innovative approach to education, the Whole Brain Learning System (WBLS), draws out the genius in every child by teaching him or her how to think rather than what to think. The result is an individual who excels socially, academically, and morally prepared to take on a challenging future and to achieve success in his or her professional and personal adult life.

    DPS was awarded as the Most Transformative School in the 5th Excellence in Educational Transformation Award (EETA) given by Bayan Academy in collaboration with Department of Education, Rex Bookstore, Knowledge Channel Foundation, and ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation. (L-R) Rina Lopez-Bautista, President of Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc.; Atty. Dominador Buhain, Chairman of Rex Bookstore; Nikki M.L. Coseteng, President of Diliman Preparatory School; Emelita D. Bernabe, DPS Principal; Fatima Abundo, DPS Faculty; Jennifer Valdez, DPS Marketing Manager; Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr., Chairman of Bayan Academy; Noemi Samson, Chief Finance Officer of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc.

    WBLS is designed to develop the seven Self-Mastery Skills in learning: to think, do, feel, communicate, intuit, lead, and be. This is made possible by a combination of well-researched and proven effective curriculum design and the high-standard improvement of the school's facilities.

    DPS anchors its educational mission on three major end-states for their students: Academic Excellence, Ethical and Moral Formation, and Social Responsiveness. To achieve this, students are subjected to the four Cs of 21st-century learning: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. These develop their skills and competencies at maximum levels and orient them towards a future that is projected to be more advanced, progressive, and competitive.  

    How is WBLS actually applied in day-to-day school activities? Lesson plans are designed according to the four As of instruction: activate, acquire, apply, and assess.

    DPS student Lorenzo Franco Kasilag shows off his cubing prowess to DPS President Nikki M.L. Coseteng. Franco’s Awards include the following: Champion, Rubik’s Cube Not-Yet-Teen Category-Metro Speedcubing Open 2016; Champion, Rubik’s Cube Contest-14th National Science Quest (Baguio City); 2nd Place, Square-1 Event-Pinoy Big Cubes Open 2017 (Currently ranked Number 5 in the Philippines and Number 84 in Asia for Average Solves); Champion, Rubik’s Cube Contest-15th National Science Quest (Baguio City). 

    To activate means using interesting materials like videos or doing activities that interest the students. To acquire pertains to lectures, panel discussions, or other teaching techniques that break down lessons. To apply means that lessons must be taught in the context of everyday life or relevant situations. Lastly, it is important to assess how much the students have learned using various measures formulated under WBLS principles.

    The learning process at DPS goes beyond the classroom walls, too. Realizing that children are now more vocal with their interests and actively seek ways to fulfill these, DPS offers elective programs to supplement its basic curriculum, such as English Proficiency Intervention Program (EPIP), Robotics, Space Science, Career Streams, Sports Program, and Foreign Languages, among others. Plus, DPS provides students the opportunity to join up to three clubs, organizations, or varsity teams to further develop their interests and talents.

    DPS Grade 6 student and Robotics Champ Angel Ken T. Young shows one of his models to DPS President Nikki M.L. Coseteng. Ken has competed in local and international Robotics events and has won several awards at Roborave Asia in China, at the DEP-Ed NSTF Pinoy Robot Games in Tagaytay, and at the Youth Excellence Awards (YES) held at PICC earlier this year.

    DPS has two fully equipped campuses (Commonwealth Avenue and Mindanao Avenue) that offer Early Childhood Education up to Senior High School, manned by 105 faculty members trained under the WBLS method of teaching. Classrooms are technologically equipped and supplemented by dedicated laboratories, libraries, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and playing courts.

    DPS President, former Senator Nikki M.L. Coseteng, explains the school's mission: "Our graduates must be able to go to the college of their choice, and those who decide not to go to college should have been prepared enough by the school to propel them into their futures. DPS will transform them into outstanding, well-rounded individuals who are ready to take command of their own tomorrows."

    Named the "Most Transformative School for Learning Effectiveness and School Efficiency" in the 2017 Excellence in Educational Transformation Awards (EETA) and with a track record of excellence for almost 50 years, DPS has been turning out graduates who are the best version of their future selves—ready to create and conquer opportunities and poised to succeed.


    For more information, visit www.dps.edu.ph; email info@dps.edu.ph; call the Commonwealth Campus at (+632) 931-0731 and the Mindanao Avenue Campus at (+632) 939-2908.

This article is sponsored by Diliman Preparatory School.