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  • Sick Days: 4 Ways to Entertain Your Child

    Say no to boredom during sick days!
  • Being forced to stay home when feeling under the weather can be a real downer; this is both for the child and the parents. Indoor activities can be quite limiting and parents need to make sure the child gets enough rest. 

    How can you keep your child entertained? You can make the most out of sick days with fun and creative indoor activities you and your child can do together. You can also tailor-fit the activities depending on your child’s age or interests. Here are four ways to do it:


    1. Set up for game time

    Veer away from the usual board games and create your own game, whether it’s an adventure or fantasy game or even a treasure hunt. Need props? Look around the house to see what you can use or up-cycle, such as an old broomstick and turn it into a sword or magic wand. An old storage box can be converted into a ship; just add a mast and you’re ready to sail. Let your imagination run wild! 


    2. Get crafty

    Have a stack of blank drawing paper on hand so your child can doodle and draw anytime the mood strikes. Before the day ends, insert the sheets in a clear file and ask for your child’s help in turning them into storybook pages. Be creative and use fantasy story lines and create tales about a sick little girl who mysteriously grew wings, or the boy who had to stay indoors and found a secret passageway to a magical land.



    3. Make music

    Whether you’ve got CDs, records, or mp3s, you can use them to help your child come up with a unique playlist every day, depending on the weather, what’s showing on TV, or even your child’s mood.  Don’t forget to give each playlist a name! Go for funny-sounding ones like “Good Giggles” for songs that make you both laugh. When other members of the family come home at the end of the day, have them listen to your new music collection handpicked by your little one.


    4. Have fun with food

    Instead of bringing ready-to-eat food on a tray, try to add variety to meal time by serving a make-your-own menu meal. Set down ingredients in separate bowls such as noodles and vegetables in soup (which you may need to bring back to the kitchen to cook), sandwiches with different fillings, or rice and meat combo with vegetables. Having all these options can be daunting, but it will most definitely keep your little one properly nourished and entertained.

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    The good thing about these activities is that you can still do them even when your child is feeling well. No need to wait for sick days to bond with your child! 

    Make sure your child stays healthy by giving him/her a well-balanced diet consisting of fish, rice, fruits, and green leafy vegetables, which have the necessary nutrients to help your child’s resistance stay strong. To make these meals nutritious, don’t forget to give your child a daily dose of Vitamin C, which now comes in every glass of BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink. Every glass now has 100% Vitamin C, plus high levels of Iron and Zinc. Drinking BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink everyday can help fight micronutrient deficiency, so your child stays healthy and happy.

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