• 9 Responses You Get When You Tell Your Kid It's Time for Bed

    Every parent knows the struggle
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    Why is it that kids always have to resist when parents tell them its time for bed, but when it comes to waking them up for school in the morning they're suddenly glued to the bedpost? Why is that?

    Every parent knows the struggle of getting kids to sleep at night. There's always an excuse. We've compiled some of the things kids say when you tell them “It's time for bed” -- and the perfect reply to each:

    1. "NO!"


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    3. "I haven't finished my homework yet."



    If this is true and all you're doing now is watch TV, you're in big trouble.

    3. "My teacher said there's no school tomorrow."


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    That's the oldest trick in the book. Go to bed.

    4. "But it's the weekend!"


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    Uh... no.

    5. "Just one more episode of Adventure Time. Please?"


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    One more then it's off to bed.

    6. "Just one more level of Candy Crush."


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    Okay... But this is the last one.

    7. "Just one more... uh..."


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    We've done enough of these. You can't go making up new just-one-mores.

    8. "But [insert classmate's name here]'s mom lets him stay up 'til 11!


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    Is [insert classmate's name here]'s mother your mother? No. I am.

    9. "I'm not even sleepy."


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    Oh, really?

    Sleeping child

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    Time for bed, kiddo.

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