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  • Dad Takes Photos of His Son "Flying" to Raise Awareness for Down Syndrome

    Hopes to spread the message that special kids are capable of doing so much more
  • Learning that your precious newborn is a special-needs child isn’t easy, and dad Alan Lawrence knows this. He shared his story through Good Morning America.

    Lawrence is a father of five children. His fifth son, Wil, was born with Down syndrome, and at first he wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it. His wife, on the other hand, he told BuzzFeed, handled it “really, really well.” To him though, it almost felt like grieving. “I was dwelling on the selfish side, thinking, ‘How will this affect me and the things we want to do for our family?” he told People magazine.

    But then, he was changed after spending a few months with his son. Lawrence soon realized what a blessing Wil was to their family, and was inspired to show other parents how Wil “has opened so many doors.” He is convinced that Wil will be able to accomplish anything he wants to do in life.

    “When Wil was learning to roll over, I noticed that with his arms outstretched, it looked like he was flying,” Lawrence told People. “So I got this idea: Why not post photos of Wil flying in all kinds of places to show that he's a kid without limits?”

    And so, the art director and web designer did.

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    He has created a beautiful photo series of his 18-month-old son flying through everyday life, hoping to spread the message that children with special needs are capable of doing more than people give them credit for. They can be found on his blog and Instagram account.

    “I want other parents just starting out this journey... to have a more positive outlook on it than I did,” he told BuzzFeed.

    To spread his message and to help more kids with Down Syndrome, he and his family have started a Kickstarter campaign. Through it, they hope to raise money to create a calendar featuring photos of Wil, with half of the proceeds going to Down syndrome charities.  

    It's important for our society to be inclusive of everybody. Nobody should feel left behind or unwanted, and it's great that companies are now starting to realize this.  Check out these other inspiring models representing Down Syndrome:

    1. Seb White modeling for Marks & Spencer


    Seb White models for M&S
    Photo Source: buzzfeed.com

    2. Maddy Stuart modeling for clothing label Living Dead

    Maddy Stuart models for Living Dead
    Photo Source: facebook.com/madelinesmodelling


    3. Actress Jamie Brewer is the first model with Down Syndrome to walk the runway at the New York Fashion Week

    Jamie Brewer at the New York Fashion Week
    Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk


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